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Martyr Samadzadeh wrote in his will: "Those who are killed in the cause of Allah, never die, believe that they are alive and live beside to their God. The martyr is someone who, with his will and complete notice, will take his way to Allah and kill him in that way. "
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The will of martyr Mohammad Reza Samadzadeh / martyr is the one who takes the way of AllahAccording to the reporter of Sajed , the martyr "Mohammad Reza Samadzadeh" was born in Zahedan in 1961. He served as an army soldier on the front, and lastly, on November 22, 1981, he was martyred in Somar.

Here is the text of the will of this martyr:

"In the name of God

My dear parents and relations and associates:

Greetings to all who have fought in the cause of God and have been martyred, and I salute the great leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini and the martyrs of Hezbollah.

Those who are killed in the reason of Allah, dead, visualize that they are alive and have a day to their God.

The martyr is one who, with his will and complete alertness, will take his way to God's cause and kill him in that way.

Since the starting of the war among the right and wrong, that is, the Muslim people of Iran, with the hawkish martyrs and infidel, I sought to transport myself to the front and to fight the release of the Islamic homeland and the organization of the laws of God with unbelievers and anti-human beings. And today I am at war on my own will and I am glad that I lost my soul in the way of the only god and I reacted to the blood of all the martyrs of Islam.

I advise the great god to meet all the martyrs of this war and revolution with all the premature martyrs of Islam and Karbala, and I urge the people not to infringe the blood of the martyrs, and the more diligent and steadfast to achieve the goals of this divine revolution The goal of all martyrs is to place and not accept any allegations, and I call on the Almighty God to defend our revolution from any slippage and from all enemies.

My family, my parents and my mother, have brought me in such a way that they have been qualified to keep blood in my blood at all times, and I do not think of anything other than God.

If it is convenient, bury me in Zahedan, and do not be frightened of me and do not get a sorrowful reception. "

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