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TEHRAN (defapress) - Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson welcomed the designation of Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the new Prime Minister of Iraq.
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Publish Date: 10April 2020 - 14:09

Iran Welcomes Nomination of Iraq’s New PM-DesignateThe Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and political stability of Iraq, Seyed Abbas Mousavi said in a statement on Thursday. 

He stressed that the only way to resolve the conflicts peacefully is that all Iraqi political currents reach a consensus through democratic processes.

Therefore, Iran welcomes the consensus reached among Iraqi political groups today, resulting in the designation of Mr. al-Kadhimi as the new Prime Minister of Iraq, and considers it as a right step in the right direction, Mousavi noted.

While wishing success for Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iran hopes he can establish a new government to meet the demands of the people and the top religious authority of the Arab country and to create a stable, united Iraq with a significant position at the regional and international levels, he added.

"Undoubtedly, the alliance and synergy of all different Iraqi tribes, political groups and prominent personalities, including Mr. Adnan al-Zurfi, has been effective in the realization of this important goal and will remain so for the rest of the path," the spokesperson said. 

As before, the Islamic Republic of Iran declares its full readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi government so that it can overcome the problems and achieve the great goals of the Iraqi people and the top religious authority, Mousavi said.

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