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Breaking the illusion of Iran's isolation in the world arena

The widespread regional and global reactions to the martyrdom of the president and his companions, once again showed to the friends and enemies of Islamic Iran that the isolation of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not possible in practice and has destroyed the illusion of isolation of this country that was created by the hostile media.
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Publish Date: 26May 2024 - 08:45

Breaking the illusion of Iran's isolation in the world arenaTEHRAN (defapress) - Following the riots and security incidents in 2022, we witnessed the extensive and numerous activities of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran from inside and outside of the borders, and meanwhile, hostile foreign Persian and non-Persian language media did their best to isolate our country at the regional and international level following these security incidents.

However, the occurrence of an air accident for Martyr Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the President and his accompanying delegation, brought many unexpected reactions and positions, both at the regional and international levels. These reactions started from friends, brothers, and neighboring countries and spread to international institutions and organizations such as the United Nations.

Therefore, considering the reaction and sympathy of the countries of the world towards the martyrdom of the President of Iran and his accompanying delegation, it draws attention to a very important and significant point which is the defeat of the illusion of Iran's isolation at the international level. That’s an issue that if we look at the Persian and Western media, we can understand their anger at the expression of sympathy and global response to the martyrdom and funeral of our country's president.

Another point that must be considered about defeating the illusion of our country's isolation in the world is the very prominent and effective role of the 13th government, its diplomacy, and at the head of it, the actions and activities of the martyr "Hossein Amirabdollahian", who has been able to destroy the sinister conspiracies of the Islamic Republic of Iran's enemies in the international arena and resolve the tense relations between our country and some countries in the region.

According to the available information and statistics, more than a hundred government officials and heads of countries of the world have sent messages of condolence, sadness, and sympathy with the helicopter accident that led to the martyrdom of the president of our country and his accompanying delegation. This shows the appropriate and acceptable position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international community.

The notable thing is the visit of some ambassadors and foreign ministers of Arab and Islamic countries after more than a decade, to attend the funeral ceremony of the martyred president, Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi. That’s an issue that shows the right and influential performance of the country's diplomatic system and the martyr "Hossein Amirabdollahian" as our country's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, we must say that the tribute paid by the leaders and officials of the countries that had severed their political or economic relations with us, regarding the martyrdom of the president and his accompanying delegation in the helicopter accident that happened last week, will mark a new chapter in the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and these countries and we will see an increase in the level of relations between them.

In the end, it must be said that although the martyrdom of our country's president and his companions in the helicopter crash was very bitter and painful; the atmosphere created for this reason, has made the leaders and officials of countries around the world sympathize with our country, so that we are witnessing the development and improvement of our country's foreign relations with the nations of the world.

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