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The firm punch of the resistance group

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance announced the heavy brunt of the resistance fighters to the Zionist soldiers which caused the death and capture of several Zionist soldiers in the north of the Gaza Strip.
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Publish Date: 26May 2024 - 09:39

The firm punch of the resistance groupTEHRAN (defapress) – The spokesman of Al-Qassam brigades, Abu Obeida, in an audio message, announced the death and capture of several Zionist soldiers in the new conflicts in northern Gaza.

He added that the resistance fighters in the north of the Gaza Strip on Saturday, May 25, were able to kill, injure, or capture several Israeli soldiers in a complex ambush operation.

In the same line, the spokesman of Al-Qassam brigades announced via video that the resistance soldiers of these battalions led the Zionist soldiers to a trap in a tunnel in the Jabalia camp and while engaging with them from zero point, they killed and wounded a number of them and captured many others.

Abu Obeida also said that Palestinian resistance soldiers during more than two weeks, carried out dozens of operations against the Zionist forces in Rafah and Beit Hanoun.

The spokesman of Al-Qassam brigades while declaring that the enemy continues the blind and useless strategy of revenge and destruction, clarified that the Zionist regime moves from one failure to another and seeks absurd and vain achievements to justify its genocide against our nation.

He added that the Palestinian soldiers are teaching an unforgettable lesson to the Zionist occupiers in all axes of the battle in the Gaza Strip and are defending their land.

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