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Three MKO terrorists arrested in Paris

An informed source said that three terrorists from the anti-Iran terror group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) were arrested during a French police raid on the MKO headquarters in Paris.
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Publish Date: 15June 2024 - 10:08

TEHRAN (defapress) – An informed source revealed new details about the attack by the French police on the MKO terrorist group base in Paris.

Three MKO terrorists arrested in Paris

According to the source, the building targeted by the French police on Wednesday included the secret intelligence headquarters of the MKO, the telephone spying department, and one of the group’s television studios.

The source also mentioned that during the raid, technical equipment such as termination devices and important archival documents belonging to the MKO terrorist group were discovered, the source said.

The French police confiscated all documents and systems from this headquarters. Additionally, three members of the group were arrested and some weapons were found.

Referring to a recent trial session of the MKO, the source emphasized the role of MKO television in inciting its audience to carry out terrorist and violent acts against Iranians.


Source: IRNA

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