VIDEO: Araghchi says JCPOA belongs to intl. community
TEHRAN (defapress) – Speaking to TRT World on Thu., Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said the 2015 nuclear deal dubbed JCPOA is not an agreement between Iran and the US, but rather it belongs to the entire international community.
Film / Welcome to the Navy Commander at the International Italian Conference
The navy commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has welcomed participants at the International Maritime Capabilities International Conference in Italy.
The Film / Tramp and the challenge of public opinion
Surveys show Donald Trump is the most unpopular record holder of the 70-year-old president of the United States.
The movie /
The police in Tehran to investigate social maladministration and upgrade the security level with a court order identified 155 criminals' custody and custody places and believed in a venue for arresting criminals.
Movie / Increased racist and hateful Islamist attacks in Britain
After the terrorist attack against the Natural History Museum of London; extremist right-wing and racialist factions in Britain, they began massive anti-immigrant and Muslim-wide propaganda.
You will watch a moment of Russian S-400 AA missile in this unit.