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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the armed forces of our country as a high-ranking Committee in Syria had gone to Syria, hours ago, went to Tehran and Damascus.
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Publish Date: 21October 2017 - 08:18

The end of 4-days  Major-General Bagheri's visit to SyriaThe end of a four-day period, Major-General Syria According s Baqeri's visit to press the press group, the armed forces Chief of staff, the Commander of the armed forces staff and Board of directors after a 4-day trip to Syria, Thursday night, Friday night, went from Damascus to Tehran.

Colonel of staff of the armed forces before leaving Damascus and presence in the region of zeinabieh, the holy pilgrimage of Zaynab hits.

During his trip to Syria, the General Headquarters of the armed forces, with Bqheri, Minister of Defense and the Syrian President met and also when you travel to Aleppo while the operation from the front of the fight against terrorists.

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