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"Majid Reza" chooses martyrdom in order that Today's Generation can live in comfort and security. O stay that some ignorant people today mean martyrdom as "militancy", and that martyrdom is like death and an enemy of peace, but if the likes of "Majid Reza" did not choose this path, today these people are not in complete safety to express these words and Enjoy the pity of your heart.
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The youth bellicosity that created security!Who does not like to live in peace and security, study, marry, become bchshd and frzanddar in the whole of life enjoy?. Perhaps say that economic problems affect the lives of people today, and some teens are forced to leave their family sustenance, education and entered the job market, but today we live in a difficult finding the right, barely imposed war. Indeed, it's hardly a missile about days that the House has broken over the family and kids to be orphaned. Our youth today when the head of the classroom can process them on the roof of the class missile debris.

It was like thousands of teen majidreza teen wisdom pour that today in our country in the security and comfort of living and to education, and a good future awaits them.

He is the security and comfort of today's generation to live in the way witness «». Today, some stay ignorant are martyrdom "warmongering" meaning love and martyrdom-seeking folks die and the enemy of peace, but if the likes of majidreza were not selected this way, these people are not in complete security-in that this expression and to pity enemy hearts Welcome.

Monuments, what of mourning Imam Hussain (AS) (passion Hosseini) is more important, "Hosseini Hosseini consciousness, consciousness means that people understand this issue yesterday the need to keep alive the Islam of their own lives, the lives of a small thing that a teenager it easily Palms Take and unequal war with half of the world. As ghasem Ben alhasn (p) thirteen-year-old teenager Friday, when Imam Hussain (AS) ¢ of martyrdom among his uncle, asked: "amujan! Do I also have to achieve grace of martyrdom of Imam? "he said," my breasts into the death and how? » answered: "g. of honey sweeter!». Indeed, that Qassem are the same as if today is rise again and death in God's way sweeter than honey.

His father says: "he wanted to go but I do not let the front. Every time that you said, I oppose, and he said that hrjur will go to the front. "as GH (p) over and over again with his uncle went on to take the permission of the field, but the Prophet abaabdallah Al-Hussein (a.s.) did not allow.

Finally one day it's something that his father did not want to happen. He was sitting in the middle of the courtyard that one person ran the door. One of the classmates back in English. Long hand bags and Majid to his father.

His father said: «so his classmate Koo himself? "replied:" went to the front! I also swear that not until the city outside, give you something negm. The morning went on.

His father says: "the door bstem. The sound of breaking glass! Serum brgerdandem. Majid stood behind mother and asked: "where did the perplexed eyes gone?!».

The mother was too much impatience, the his father he promised to return and with majidrezade  plowmen force officials also spoke about this interview was going that day and tells him to return home.


His mother was impatient but remain constantly crying, near by the morning I fell asleep. That morning her father woke up to see that stood next to the flower gardens and the flowers of water evaporation.

His father says: Hi all, I answer with serenity replied, "I said, flipping, bpoushm dress now bzar Sean what to do in Afghanistan."

But his mother said: "do not sit, sleep, sleep the morning brew that sat next to the dock and I saw that I was crying I miss few arrived. One of them grabbed my sitting and facing bankruptcy, said: "unless you're a mother of Imam Hussain (AS) and Ali Akbar and ghasem Ben alhasn (p) is the higher?

Let nojavant go to the front. If he comes back, goes herself».

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