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Jasemi in a conversation with Defa pres:
Representative of the Parliament, according to America's national security strategy document released by the White House, said: The country's defense and missile capabilities have reached a stage of development and improvement that not only the United States, but its allies cannot withstand Iran.
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Publish Date: 19December 2017 - 21:48

Sayyed Qassem Jasemi, a member of the National Security Council of the parliament, in an interview with the interior Defa press reporter, expressing that America's national security strategy on Iran, which was issued yesterday by the White House, reveals the weakness of the Americans and their fears of the power of our country, said the American era of bullying and domination has come to an end. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has reached a degree of authority in all fields, especially in the field of missiles, which not only cannot be America, but its allies.

He said that recent US actions against Iran to support weapons to Yemen and the publication of the US National Security Strategy document, all indicate that Iran's role in the region is influential. Westerners regard Iran as one of the most important obstacles to their goals.

The nation's representative, referring to the fact that the United States has kidnapped the supreme leader in terrorist activities from other colonial countries, added: "The world has been informed by the United States of America with Muslims, which took the lives of women and innocent children in Iraq and Syria with the Takfiri uprising. Today, in this false document, Iran represents a terrorist.

Jasemi said that since the start of ISIL in the region, Iran has sought the official request of Iraqi and Syria governors to fight Takfiri terrorists to these two Islamic countries, the intention of the Iranian warlords to be Jihad in the cause of God. The Americans in this document saw Iran's presence in Iraq and Syria out of favor, while they themselves sought to plunder the national interests of Iraq and Syria. The most sensible and biggest benefit to Iranian warriors was that the evil of criminals and bloodthirsty people fell away from the bloodshed of Muslims.

A member of the National Assembly's National Security Council said that any action taken by the United States against Iran would increase the unity between our nation and our country's power in countering the threats of the enemies.

"The United States has supported terrorist groups and publicly asks for our destruction," the press secretary said in a White Paper issued yesterday by the National Security Council.
"The US National Security Strategy says that" we are bringing together the world against the North Korean regime and threatening Iran. "

The strategy also notes that the United States is deploying a missile defense system focusing on North Korea and Iran to defend its homeland against missile attacks.

The document states that "America is working with its allies to disrupt the activities of foreign terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Lebanon."

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