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In a conversation with DefaPress Was raised;
Hojatoleslam Bahrami Navid, referring to the sensitivity of the martyr Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, said: "I remember that Mustafa was our home, I bought Sangak bread, and a stone sticks to the bread. Mustafa cut off the stone and said: I will take it for a bakery shop. Mustafa's father said that the bakery also provided separate costs for the preparation of stones and also taught their children to pay attention to solvent and unlawful.
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According to the reporter of the epic and jihad of the Defapress,the martyr Mostafa Ahmadi, human believer,", with sacrifice, insight and very ethics. Siirt province, he was the individual circuit and clean. A human being that with all the facilities that never found a direct path and not perverted and all the ideals and goals of his life devoted to the sacred and divine. M six years ago in such a day (21 January) after copious scientific endeavor in the field of nuclear science, was assassinated by the global arrogance, mercenaries and was martyred.

Accordingly, the reporter presses defense an interview with Jackson's promise of Congregation Imam Hojjatoleslam mosque, Brigadier General, University lecturer, and Avicenna and Mostafa Ahmadi roshan a neighborhood as well as Syed Hassan, one of Khatami's friends and classmates during school and martyr Ahmadinejad who has done The upshot of it is continuing.

Hojjatoleslam Bahrami Herald:

Mustafa's father was very careful and forbidden. I remember that Mustafa was our home, I bought bread and a grain bread sticking to the stone. M. rocks apart and said: it will go for bakers bakery. The father of Mustafa said the bakery for the preparation of a separate cost also stone and their children are also taught and was forbidden to this much attention. Mustafa grew up in a family that was to discuss issues and this Halal and Haram in regard to their friends, and also with the practice of what was learned, education.

The first minibus was the father of the boy by the work. Mustafa's father was a minibus with which taxi a day for me to define, some people fare where you can spend and, next to the family and not because life in the area was limited and that the life of the people a good understanding towards each other, if anyone wasn't uptight and account books of writers to observe issues Legal and rzaq doubt he felt, he would separate money. His father is an uptight person fare, which takes place must be legit and paying attention to the fine points of the child is the sequel to the No.

Mustafa was seen and the hardness of the self. Mustafa of the child with the culture of work and effort had been met and therefore grow and progress. He pre-teen father worked. M always said I'm a foot in the stirrup and always stepped into his father's feet. Mustafa was seen and the hardness of the self and of the nazprordeh community and fun this cause until it reached the top position, to work for the Islamic community growth and excellence.

The social, cultural and active athletes respectively. Mustafa was not just a student who read a lesson; but also in cultural, sports, social activities and mobilization of the presence of ful of colore . In all areas of thought and effort and a quiet moment and place. With good ethics and kindness and happines that he was always fond, courageous and revolutionary activity, and never in the path of life and with all the ups and downs are not desperate and out of work soon.

The company's first year, she was accepted, and because the rank and discipline that was accepted did not like, and the result was not satisfactory to him, decided to participate in the exam again. Mustafa was said to his close friends like other years I accept Sharif and lessons and to the desired results.

I myself due to the volume of tasks and activities that can be reasonably expected from Mustafa saw, with a high ranking noble of the University of Washington, he added. Strange and good will, and Mustafa hemmati pick that up yonder, and even the future horizon and his fruitful efforts in this regard.

The University is a place to promote a sire of imams Hussein (a.s.) and perform religious activities in m

A servant when senior mechanics University of Tehran in the course I read, coincided with Mostafa Sharif University and much of the night went to the dormitory with Mustafa and closely, even though the student is, again, with the same religious and revolutionary spirit.

M to make wishes, effort and a lot of efforts. "The efforts of the men of blanddar long time efforts have reached somewhere; the real amount of bits m Persian poetry.

He was at the University to promote the way of imams Hussein (A.S) and in particular the publication of NAHJ Ali (PBUH), the prayer of the Congregation and community issues important to track the activity.

Mustafa was a huge concern. Mostafa on various issues of social, cultural, political, scientific and ponder and to resolve all issues to the extent of their work and thought and activity. When talking about the depth of his thoughts and think, I see six years ago he directed toward the horizon and look at the issues of the Islamic community and the world of Islam today. What a beautiful goal, course and has worked in the field of technology. Science and technology in the service of Islam and the ideals of Mustafa. In the book "read" human value "invocation to the need that is its existence feel not to have things" and Ahmadinejad was always such a step in this direction.

More people in the community may be based on assets and privileges of the apparent rate of material and that it is wrong. Many people are outraged and superficial society think, while according to order contact Hazrat Ali (PBUH) when the man at the height of the peaks is that humanity needs to God. Human values finds such a Godly man and this issue is worthwhile, and m. This is such action.

The big concern, m. worthwhile and lasting up to the bliss and martyred. Mustafa was a big concern and needs to hit. In the interval when Mostafa was a martyr, not discussing the Holy Shrine and not to discuss the defense was not raised at all, but testimony to the prosperity and the great reward and boarding activities of their God.

A lot of funds to m. Responsible for commercial and large projects and extensive financial resources directly available, but he was so uptight and firmly believe in pie and stood their faith that all of these situations a bit in his faith did not alter.

He was unbelievable for me to witness. M. wit and energetic and had talked with the heat, when I heard I was in shock to testify is reached, admitting that his voice was difficult to hear and not see him.

Mustafa nazprordeh and well-being. It was a tough and activist with the effort and trust was able to rise and progress during peaks, and finally to the sarmnsel object and the eternal bliss. Education and human development and education with difficulty. The voice of Mustafa and long and firm step he continues to listen and the younger generation towards the activities and efforts "along with faith and belief and trust calls, and where there is despair and disappointment.

"Seyyed Hassan Khatami as well as their memories of Ahmadinejad to martyr: the narrative. And I m the first tips of Khayyam together in school and library, and benign lesson hejazi bugfixes tutoring help each other.

This friendship continued stress and family, until I and m. last year we associate together, lessons at the University and we accept.

Benign lesson together. I and m were ingenious and very not benign course; but for the exam with a planning study together, the more we can get closer to the time of the exam, the more we try to get the desired result, and finally succeeded in also.

For example the m in the very strong chemistry and was superior and I because my father was a teacher of Arabic, Arabic lessons I was fluent, together these lessons are benign and the pamphlet of the time that my University a few years ago at the University and had been with the company, review and Check again with Mustafa were both in your favorite string nforman accepts. Certain common financial possibilities, but with love and passion and perseverance to succeed.

Lively and joyful hope activity

M very kind and cheerful and playful in the toughest conditions. Perseverance and great wishes to choose. I said usually comes a fish pond water in no time flat or small goldfish is not large, it must be the sea join and one hundred percent always striving Mustafa and all circumstances that came before was not frustrated and disappointed and always effort and activity. He was a good man and a breadth of depth of perspective was apparent far beyond features and toys that was found.

Mustafa was very religious and uptight and clean, always your prayers at the mosque, the mosque of our young generation and permanent Brigadier General hangout especially me and m. In certain religious ceremonies together to the mosque and went to space mahdieh and exuberant benefits '.

All his work for Reza God

  1. follow this definition and that of his accolades, or even the result of tasks do not ponder, but when something is true, knew with all the pressure and difficulty to continue working and never tired and disappointed he was not discouraged.

Always trust in God and the last step was not so disappointed and will continue to work. Unfavorable conditions and never gives up hope in critical was not interrupted and the progress can ponder and more effort, so close to the target.

Help others and learn one of his habitual tasks

M series fearless and Deli prgerat. Of the teens. I'm driving I do; his father was a minibus and driving training, it is also tight in the narrow alleys of Hamedan that much. The more common 16 years and could not get a driving certificate. He was a good persistence and all your friends are also encouraged to try out.

Married m.

  1. Although certain possibilities in terms of financial, was not a soldier, and was also a university student, with a continuing and perseverance could appropriate their favorite one on the side.

I'm a very intimate and Mustafa were together. This morning I woke up and went to class together or miscellaneous things you paid. This was all much appreciate the intimacy of things, recreation, entertainment and even the rest of the family members work together do.

  1. after the testimony is also the arresting. When Mustafa Sharif University in Tehran was accepted, again this was not cut off our relationship and went travelling together; even after the martyrdom of my sleep time, Mustafa or friend comes and decrypt node and helps even after the martyrdom of his friends still not forgotten. Hope that we can be good friends for dignity and continue operating the way providers are Mustafa with hope and his double work effort.

To express the characteristics of the martyrs. ". First, that the celestial and the martyrs not unattainable and the expression of the characteristics and features that distinguished them from others,. Usually all these martyrs have certain features common aspects of them; so check and for the younger generation, so that they can express in this direction step by step.

Martyr Mr. Ahmadinejad was born 17 Sep 1358 1381 chemical engineering graduate and Sharif University of technology and trading site of Natanz, was Vice President. Several scientific articles to English and English to the name of the martyr has been registered.

Personal velayatmadar and martyr Ahmadi of Tehran Ayatollah good disciples Professor of ethics. Personal site of Natanz Vice Commerce ® and witty and at the same time serious and decisive management. He is a student, the student mobilization during the cultural Deputy of Sharif University. He also marched a whopping 9 January 88 days to renew allegiance with the active presence of the province. This country's scientific elite 90 on January 17, a bomb explosion at the hands of agents of global arrogance magnetic was martyred.

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