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Martyr Layeghi wrote in his will: " Oh my God What I should write as a will, while no will surpass the will of the Imams, and the only thing I can and I have done is their words, but I do not mention the truth.
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WILL of Martyr Mohammad Behrooz Layeghi / No Will Beyond the Imams' willsAccording to the reporter of Sajed ,"Mohammad Behrouz Layeqi" was born on March 2, 1966 in Tehran. He joined the Frontier of Rights in 1982 and eventually drank the martyrdom syringe in the Karbala 5 operation on December 25, 1985.

Following is the will of the martyr Behrouz Layighi, who is our mistress:

Here is the text of the will of this martyr:

"In the name of God

As you are told, tolerate, and those who follow you will tolerate like you.

Resist as you were told, so those who learn from you will resist you.

Hi, my dear and mistress, Imam Khomeini, and salute my dear and dear martyrs and families.

Dear brothers and sisters, My merciful friends, according to the beginning of the blood of their letter with the verse of the Holy Quran, which the Prophet (PBUH) said: "This verse has made me old, and secondly, it conforms to the time of our situation at this time, which I need to know, means beautiful It is a great idea and, of course, work in the form of it.

What became the great Prophet of this verse? Of course the Prophet could have and had the strength to endure. The angels of the child were cared for by the Prophet, and because the issues of the world were no longer considered, the Prophet Allah's attachment to the place where the opening of any request is there, and there is no problem that cannot be solved by them.

In the second part of the verse, Allah Almighty states: "The prophets of those who are with you must be resilient and the principle of the matter is that the Prophet of Allah had full confidence in himself, and the only problem is that we follow followers whose name We bring the Shia with us. Resistance is important and this is what makes the Prophet old and old worried. That those who love and followers of the Messenger of Allah should regain their hearts with their own resistance and be pleased that Habib is God, and that we may be blessed with God's blessing and blessed with the Messenger of Allah.

Dear family of Iran, as a reminder to you, the great leader of Al-Sham will never leave the Islamic Revolution alone. We are conscious people who know that our position is sensitive. We must be humans who have the lowest sacrifice and be the best and most useful people. If we are bad and unpopular, then we have to put our money and ourselves in this way, and this is only if we are not a high-ranking prophet. He also participated in the battles with Mola Ali.

You must be careful not to go away from your own core, so that God, like you, will spend your life and get rid of this world without any luggage. I wish I was so much more and I fought and obeyed The Gentiles also wished more information after their death.

In order to grab more of this divine blessing given to us, we must be present at the battlefields, and all the goodness and beauty on the front should be sought to use this blessing. The university is the real front of the faculty and teaches for all the lessons.

O Lord, give me a heart of confidence so that I can fight your enemies in the way of you like Hussein ibn Ali (peace be upon him) and you will be satisfied with my deeds and give me peace of mind and enlightenment, which will be upon death, which will take me to the grave and They throw the rock on the floor and throw dirt on the light; I'll light my lightning for the blind eye of the devil's eyes from the grave to see that I am still alive. Have mercy on me from those who have made every one of your innocence so good.

Give me your life so that I can laugh at my life to the whole mortal world and what it is for you to deviate from human beings.

What is my dear lady, what is the will of my own for my people, that the best will, the will of the Imams, is for us Shi'a. The only words that can be said are the words and the will of our imams, of course, as reminders.

You also have to pay attention to each other, because "Fan al-Zakri is a blessing of Al-Muminin" is the place of the world, and we have to put one to one in this world. Why is your today one with yesterday and yesterday with the thousands of days that have passed since your life?

Do not you think that you are lagging behind, clogged and you are left, yes, none of these you see is eternal, and only one saves you to be attached to him, and he is no one among the merciful Lord. Take heart and soul from anyone and anything, and you will have a godly servitude with which you will feel real calm and he will always help you.

Help us join you and be together. I did not see Karbala Mala'a but help me to visit Humain (AS) in your hometown. Help the grandfather of the Islamic Ummah of Iran and worship Nusra.

I will not take your precious time and I will not hurt you anymore. I want to resolve you. I send you to the Most Merciful God and I ask God to give you a great reward.

Several sentences with dear family:

Greetings to my elderly parents and sisters, my elder sisters and sisters, I hope you are good and keep under the shadow of Allah Almighty for your blessed and beautiful life with a double endeavor. Let's resolve our kind and faithful parents and for all the difficulties and problems that are for the great You went to me for the sake of Allah, for which you were very bothered to be well educated, and you were very abundant.

May God grant success to me so that I can compensate for your indescribable work in the hereafter, and come out of your embarrassment? Solomon Sisters, especially your younger sister, I could not give you the right to fraternity, but I have an important order. My sisters try to put your pattern on Mrs. Zeinab. My elder brother can find the right on the fronts, and if I am a martyr, be sure to continue my journey and do not let my gun down so that the enemy cannot protest our soil and honor. We will win victory over God, at the end you will be led to the great god.


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