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Martyr Tavousi Says in his will: "We all know that one day we are born and one day we We'll die “Well, those who are killed in the way of Allah, and Blessed who take their heaven with their lives. "
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Will of Martyr Nasser Tavousi / Blessed are those who are killed in the way of AllahAccording to the reporter of Sajed: The martyr "Naser Tavousi " was born in West Azerbaijan in August 1963,. He was martyred on September 29, 1985, in order to fight the Ba'athist invaders on the right front against falsehoods.

Here is the text of the will of this martyr:

"I will start my will in the name of Allah, the protector of the blood of the martyrs. With great joy to the redeemer of the humanity of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and the vicegerent of Imam Khomeini, and to the ghosts of the pure martyrs of the fact against dishonesty, and salute the warriors on the stinking and full of love of Islam and with the greetings of my much-loved parents.

Parents, we all know that one day we were born and we will be day out. Good for those who are killed in the way of Allah and who take their heavenly life with their lives.

My dear father, I was trustee from God for you and me belonging to God, and whenever God wants to separate you from me, you should not be sad at all, because God has so pleased.

My dear mother, I know what night I stayed up at my bedside and how hard it worked until I was raised to this age, and at the end I could not recompense for your dilemma. May Allah grant you the great revenge and staying power of Jalil.

My father, mother, sisters and my dear brothers, please do not tear me at all and do not be sad, if not my blood is more colorful than Ali Akbar, who went to battleground and was martyred. I seek forgiveness from all of my people and I hope that God kindly will accept this incomparable sacrifice.

Goodbye to the hope of the ultimate victory of the warriors of Islam in the hope of the pilgrimage of Karbala”

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