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Khojasteh in a conversation with the defapress:
The MP said: "Our armed forces disappointed Westerners with their courage and valor to interfere in Iranian affairs
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The armed forces, with their bravery, have disappoint Westerners from interfering in Iranian affairsAccording to interior news of Defapress:"Referring to the penetration and attendance of terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt, which has led to the formation of insecurity and the emergence of many problems for the people of these countries, Amir Khojesteh, a representative of the Hamedan people in the Islamic parliment, "The most important thing that differentiates Iran from other countries in the area is the tough and effectual presence of our armed forces under the leadership and clever guidance of the Supreme Command.

He said the enemies of our country have been stressed to stop our growth, prosperity and individuality from the very starting of the revolution, determined to create a gulf and a disagreement among the two.

The Revolutionary Guards and the Army were a clear instance of the hostilities of aliens in the early days of the revolution.Referring to the actions of followers of the Takfirist movement to prepare the terrorist groups in the area, particularly in countries neighboring Iran, Khojasteh stated: "The deployment of US military forces against terrorism will not only not help the confrontation front to remove the terrorists, but they want ISIL, the group To restore good offices in the border areas of Iran to question the power of our country in the region with insecurity.

Our armed forces, with their bravery and valor, have exasperated Westerners from interfering in Iranian affairs,A member of the parliment of Internal Affairs and Parliamentary Council of the Holy Defense Islamic Revolution said the victory was a great lesson for Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen against the pro-war and Takfiri terrorists, and insisted that the victory of the Islamic Revolution and then the eight The year of the resistance of the warriors in the imposed war led to a huge transformation of the Islamic world.

In fact, the oppressed countries are more resolute by looking at the past of our country and studying the events of the holy defense throughout the fight against the enemies, which will increase the jihadi spirit in the future. Not the multidiscipline of global arrogance Brought up.

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