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Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced that the foreign countries participating in the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium have voiced their readiness to form a military coalition within the IONS framework.
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Publish Date: 24April 2018 - 17:03

Navy Commander: Foreign Delegations Agree to Establish IONS Military AllianceTEHRAN (Defapress)-"We proposed to establish a military alliance among countries attending the IONS conference in Tehran; most of those commanders with whom I had meeting agreed to this proposal," Admiral Khanzadi said.

He hailed the IONS conference in Tehran, and said it was the biggest military conference of its kind held in Iran since the Islamic Revolution.

Admiral Khanzadi said that through this event, some of the naval commanders of the countries that had never been in "our country came to Iran and that was one of the major political achievements of that event for Iran, irritating enemies such as the Zionist regime".

“The enemies know that such conferences could reduce the pressures on Iran,” he said, adding, "The presence of representatives from five continents and 32 independent countries in Iran could neutralize the enemies’ attempts to isolate Iran."

Khanzadi added that due to the importance of the IONS, the United States has applied to become an observing member while it has been denied so far.

Hosted by Navy of Islamic Republic of Iran Army, the 6th Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) kicked off in Tehran on Monday morning.

The two-day event has brought together 35 high-ranking military delegations from across the world, including India, Turkey, and Australia.

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