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TEHRAN (defapress)- A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps warned that any aggressive move against Iran will receive a response even tougher than the recent missile strikes on the KDP-I terrorist group.
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Publish Date: 16September 2018 - 16:15

Commander Vows Tougher Responses to Anti-Revolutionary Groups"The IRGC will give a response to all unwise acts of the anti-revolutionary grouplets with heavier blows," Deputy Commander of the IRGC's Sarallah Base Brigadier General Esmayeel Kosari said on Sunday.

He referred to this week missile strikes by the IRGC on the positions of the terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, and explained that the IRGC response came after the terrorists had broken their truce promises, stirred insecurity in the country and martyred 11 soldiers in their latest move.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Deputy Chief Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Centcom for Coordination Brigadier General Ali Shadmani referred to the IRGC's last week missile strikes on terrorists in Iraqi Kurdistan region, and warned that the Iranian Armed Forces will give a crushing response to enemy threats any time, in any form and by an means.

"Protection of people' security is the most important responsibility of the Armed Forces and they will use any necessary tools within their reach to attain this goal. The Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces will adopt any measure any time and in any form it wants to safeguard people's security," General Shadmani said.

He pointed to the last week missile strikes by the IRGC on the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran (KDP-I) terrorist group in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, and said these terrorists have been fighting militarily against the Islamic Republic for the past 40 years, have martyred many defenseless Iranian people and fomented insecurity.

General Shadmani described the KDP-I and Komalah terrorist groups' acts as instances of mercenary missions for the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and said that they had promised in an agreement with the IRGC nearly 12 years ago, mediated by former late Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, not to have armed activities against Iran, "but they broke their promise and launched terrorist attacks on Iran's borders and border checkpoints, provoked by Saudi Arabia and the Zionists".

The IRGC in a statement last Sunday confirmed the last Saturday missile strikes against the headquarters of the KDP-I terrorist group in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, vowing harsher response if terrorist attacks continue.

The statement said that the missile strikes were launched after the terrorist group launched attacks on bordering areas in Iran, fomented insecurity and conducted sabotage acts in West Azarbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces in Western Iran.

"The IRGC Aerospace Force's missile unit in cooperation with the IRGC Ground Force's drone unit targeted the headquarters and a meeting of the leaders of a filthy and criminal grouplet and a center for training affiliated terrorists with 7 short-range ground-to-ground missiles yesterday (Saturday)," it added, noting that the center was destroyed and tens of leaders and key agents of the grouplet were killed and wounded.

The statement underlined that the missile attacks were launched after the ringleaders of the terrorist groups neglected the serious warnings of the Iraqi Kurdistan region officials about the Islamic Republic's determination to remove their bases and end their aggressive and terrorist acts against Iran.

It underlined the Iranian security and Armed Forces' vigilance to safeguard the country's territories, warning the terrorist groups that there will be more crushing response if they risk to resume attacks on the Islamic Republic.

On Saturday morning, Iranian missiles targeted the headquarters of the KDP-I and the Democratic Party of the Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) terrorist groups in Koya.

The missiles specifically targeted the KDP-I’s political bureau, the PDKI’s training center, and a Peshmerga complex.

According to the KDP-I’s statement, the bombardment killed 14 members of the two parties and injured 40 more. The Secretary of KDP-I, Mustafa Mawludi, and his predecessor, Khalid Azizi, were also among those wounded during the attack.

The party also revealed the identities of the fallen members, which were: Karim Mahdawi (Karim Saqzi), Ibrahim Ibrahimi (Braim Zewayi), Nasrin Hadad, Rahman Piroti, Suhaila Qadri, Hashim Azizi, Osman Osmani, Karim Rasulzada (Mam Sherko), Hawre Karsaz (Hawre Shekhani), Peshawa Said Omar, Jamal Akbari, and Mansour Akbaripur.

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