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President Lauds Iranian Science, Technology Parks for Help in Coronavirus Battle

TEHRAN (defapress) – President of Iran Hassan Rouhani highlighted the rapid progress that science and technology parks have made in the country over the past couple of years, saying such a valuable asset has helped Iran cope with the coronavirus epidemic.
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Publish Date: 28April 2020 - 11:44

President Lauds Iranian Science, Technology Parks for Help in Coronavirus BattleIn remarks at a meeting with the directors of Iranian science and technology parks and knowledge-based companies, held via video conference on Monday evening, Rouhani said the domestic science and technology parks have generated a large income and created employment in the country at a rapid pace in recent years.

The number of Iranian science and technology parks has increased by 19 percent over the past 8 years, reaching a total of 43, the president noted, saying knowledge-based companies working under the auspices of the science and technology parks have generated more than 130 trillion rials in income.

He also stressed the importance of strengthening the connection and cooperation among universities, science and technology parks and factories, saying such collaboration will benefit the interests of all three sectors.

Describing science and technology parks as a “valuable hidden asset”, the president said such parks play a significant role in boosting the knowledge-based economy as well as the employment of university students and graduates.

“Little by little we must evaluate our universities on the basis of the number of science and technology parks and the way they can transfer science to the market through these parks. It means that we must deliver our science, knowledge and technology to the end user,” Rouhani underlined.

He further praised the local knowledge-based companies for satisfying the domestic demand for medical and protective supplies in the fight against the novel coronavirus, saying the capability to fulfill the domestic needs and pave the way for the export of masks, disinfectants and medical ventilators demonstrates the country’s success in attaining self-sufficiency and creating a knowledge-based economy.

Pointing to a global race to beat COVID-19 by making a vaccine, Rouhani said Iran has also entered this competition. “If we manage to take a step forward and achieve (the vaccine) sooner than others, it will be significant in terms of glory, health, saving human lives, and economy.”

The president further recommended that the 43 science and technology parks across the country share duties and focus on specialized fields relating to diagnosis, production of medical supplies and treatment.

He also made a reference to a report from Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, saying Iran will start exporting COVID-19 serology-based testing kits in the coming weeks after meeting the domestic demand.

The president emphasized that the local knowledge-based companies can play a leading role in mitigating the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

While people have to stay home, knowledge-based enterprises can fulfill their needs via the virtual space, provide the necessary information in the cyberspace, and lessen the economic impacts of the pandemic, the president concluded.

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