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Mosques to Reopen in 132 Cities in Iran

TEHRAN (defapress) – Mosques in 132 Iranian cities in areas categorized as ‘white zones’ (coronavirus-free regions) will reopen as of Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said.
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Publish Date: 03May 2020 - 12:41

Mosques to Reopen in 132 Cities in IranAddressing a meeting of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters on Sunday, Rouhani praised the people of Iran for observing the health protocols and cooperating with the government in the battle with COVID-19.

Pointing to a countrywide initiative that categorizes various regions as white, yellow and red zones according to the level of the threat posed by the coronavirus, the president said mosques in 132 cities with white or “low-risk” situation will reopen tomorrow.

Rouhani also noted that more than 78 million people have been screened for the novel coronavirus in the first stage of a nationwide scheme, and that the second stage will include screening of 30 million in a more meticulous process.

On Saturday, the Health Ministry spokesperson said 80 percent of the coronavirus positive cases in the country have fully recovered from the infectious disease and left the hospital.

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