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In holy month of Ramadan;
TEHRAN (Defapress) - At the threshold of holy month of Ramadan, Saudi-led coalition forces launched bloody attack against Yemeni civilians.
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Publish Date: 15April 2021 - 02:55

Saudi forces launch bloody attack on Yemeni civiliansYemeni sources reported that two children were killed and four others were injured in an attack by Saudi forces in northern Yemen.

On Wednesday evening, Yemeni forces reported the bloody attack of Saudi forces on one of the northern border areas of Yemen in Sa’dah province.

Following the bombardment of Saudi-led coalition in ‘al-Raqo’ area in ‘Manbeh’ district in Yemen, two children were martyred, Al-Masirah reported.

In the wake of this move, four other people, including two women were injured, the report added.

Yemen's border areas have been exposed to rocket and artillery attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and military forces for the past six years.

Saudi Arabia, at the head of an Arab coalition backed by the United States, has launched a large-scale military aggression against Yemen and imposed a land, air and sea siege since March 2015, claiming that it is trying to bring the ousted Yemeni president back to power.

This military aggression has not achieved any of goals of the Saudi-led coalition and it has only been accompanied by killing and wounding of thousands of Yemenis, displacement of millions of civilians, destruction of Yemen’s infrastructures as well as spread of famine, famine and infectious diseases in this country.

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