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TEHRAN (Defapress) - The Yemeni media reported on Monday that massive rallies were held by the Yemenis on Ashura Day during which they also praised the resistance of the Palestinian nation.
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Publish Date: 09August 2022 - 03:01

Yemenis mark Ashura with massive ralliesThe people of Yemen started their massive marches in commemoration of the day of Ashura in "Sanaa", the capital of the country, and other provinces such as "Saada" province.

According Yemeni "Al-Masirah TV" news website, the Yemenis marched through the streets which lead to the airport to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH) on Wmonday.

During the massive Ashura ceremony, the marchers also praised the victory of the Palestinian people in their recent battle against the Israeli regime and highlighted about the similarity between Ashura and the Palestinian incidents today.

Al-Masirah correspondent in Sana'a rallies reported that Palestinian cause was widespread during this year's Ashura processions and many participants in the Ashura mourning ceremony emphasized the similarity of the two events.

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