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More Murder, Faster Destruction

These days, the vicious front in the "New World Order" is on a downward slope; therefore, no matter how much it kills innocent people, its destruction will increase, and finally, it will be victorious and proud.
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Publish Date: 08November 2023 - 15:29

More Murder, Faster DestructionTEHRAN (defapress) - History has always been the scene of a confrontation between the true and the vicious front because the two fronts do not coexist because of the arrogant and anti-human nature of the vicious front; therefore, the arrogant have been standing up against the oppressed with all their strength throughout history, but despite this, it has been the true front that has finally won against the vicious front.

By controlling the instruments of power in the world such as international organizations and human rights, the vicious front has defined the condition of globalization in such a way that all countries and nations are on their side and under their control; therefore, if a nation wants to stand against the demands of the vicious front and demand its legitimate rights, the least of which is independence, freedom and preservation of its territorial integrity, and The life of that nation no longer matters to international organizations, nor its independence and freedom.
Therefore, today we see that, despite the brutal massacre of more than 10,000 people in the Gaza Strip, the so-called "organizations of humanitarians and human rights don't care a fig.", let alone want to issue a resolution against the crimes of the Zionist regime that is on their side.

The Arrogant did not believe in the Divine light in the course of history, because the Divine light is informative for the oppressed who are exploited by the arrogant ones and awakens them and makes them aware and brave and pits them against the vicious front. Therefore, throughout history, the world of disbelief has always stood against the world of Islam.

But it was still the true front that won over the vicious front, even though the vicious front was victorious on the battlefield, events such as Ashura have shown that "blood is victorious over the sword." Then, Muslims have always been victorious in the face of the world of disbelief; Of course, whenever the Muslims have been in plurality, but if they have failed in the path of jihad against the world of disbelief, they have been hit and defeated.

Today, the Islamic world in the Gaza Strip is witnessing a clear scene of the confrontation between the right front and the vicious front; a war in which the vicious front has brought all its military and political power and its wealth, force, and power into the field of confrontation with the right front and wants to overcome the Zionist regime, which is the essence of all its power, politics, force and deception against Islam and not let it be disgraced.
Therefore, it uses all the military, political, and human rights tools that it controls to restore its disgrace and in this regard, it questions all its claims about humanity and human rights, while silently giving the Zionist regime the green light to continue its war crimes while remaining silent against the massacre of 10,000 people in Gaza; Because he knows that during Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, the Palestinian resistance fighters, who are under siege and pressure, despite all their capabilities, have suffered an irreparable defeat.

The vicious front of these days in the "New World Order" has fallen downwards; on the other hand, the United States, which is "absolute evil" and "the Great Satan," has been in decline, and the Zionist regime, especially after the "irreparable failure" in Operation Al-Aqsa storm, has taken another step closer to the edge of destruction; So when the vicious front sees itself on the slope of the fall, it struggles distracted, mad, and does not follow any logic and reason, and like a building that is collapsing, it rubbles whatever is around it or explodes like a weapon of mass destruction; But no matter how much it destroys innocent people, it will still be destroyed, and in the end it will be victorious and proud.
"the confederates of Allah are indeed the victorious." (Quran.sura Maida.verse 52)

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