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Hezbollah Leader Condemns Ongoing Atrocities in Gaza on Martyrs' Day

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, addressed the public on Martyrs' Day, denouncing Israel’s continuous atrocities against the vulnerable population of the Gaza Strip.
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Publish Date: 12November 2023 - 09:43

Hezbollah Leader Condemns Ongoing Atrocities in Gaza on Martyrs' Day"We continue to witness ongoing atrocities against the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip. These heinous crimes are escalating day by day, reflecting the vengeful and brutal spirit of Israel," he said in his remarks.

It was his second address since the initiation of the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation.

During his opening remarks, commemorating Martyrs' Day and Ahmad Qasir's martyrdom anniversary, Nasrallah noted, "Today, Lebanese cities witnessed the funeral processions of some Lebanese martyrs. Martyrs' Day is the day of all Hezbollah martyrs."

Emphasizing the significance of Martyrs' Day, Nasrallah highlighted its association with the notable operation by martyr Ahmad Qasir on November 11. In this martyrdom-seeking attack, more than a hundred Israeli military personnel were killed in an assault on a Zionist building. Israel declared three days of public mourning in response. Nasrallah stated, "This operation marked the beginning of a series of martyrdom operations against Israeli occupiers and has consistently garnered attention for its significant outcomes, making it the largest operation in the history of resistance against the Zionist enemy."

Nasrallah continued, stating, "We want to emphasize that martyrdom is the creator of victories, just as Imam Khomeini described the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) as a victory of blood over the sword on the day of Ashura. Our martyrs have triumphed over the swords of Americans, Israelis, and our enemies. When we speak of our martyrs, we say they have attained martyrdom on the path of God and hold great moral value. Martyrs have a significant cultural and spiritual status in our culture, as Allah honors them, and the Ahlul Bayt (AS) and the Prophet (PBUH) acknowledge their greatness in their sayings."

Nasrallah underscored two significant incidents amid ongoing events, particularly in the Gaza Strip. The first involves Israel's invasion, targeting all civilians in Gaza, escalating into war crimes and brutalities in the besieged area where over 2 million people reside. These aggressions, ongoing since October 7, show Zionists disregarding sanctity, openly attacking Gaza's hospitals, and disseminating false excuses.

Nasrallah stated that a considerable number of Palestinians, mainly children and women, have become martyrs. This painful occurrence and large-scale atrocities are indicative of the vengeful nature of the Zionist regime, which recognizes no limits and is not bound by any legal, ethical, or humane standards—an illustration of the nature of the Zionist regime. However, the second aspect, acknowledged by some Zionist officials, is the resistance of the Palestinians.

He asserted that the primary goal of the Zionist enemy was to subjugate the people of the region.

"The Zionists emphasize that these massacres serve a purpose beyond mere retaliation. One of their fundamental objectives is not only the surrender of Gaza but the submission of all nations in the region, including the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and the Arab nations. The enemy aims to destabilize the resilience of the resistance and instill a culture of submission among Arab countries. Israel seeks to convey to the Palestinians that they should forget about their land and sacred places and leave their homeland."

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