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Iran Designing Heavy Battleships

The Iranian Defense Ministry has plans to manufacture military vessels weighing 6,000 tons, an official said.
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Publish Date: 28November 2023 - 16:36

Iran Designing Heavy BattleshipsThe director of the Defense Ministry’s Department of Surface Vessels announced on Monday that the Ministry is designing heavy battleships.

General Qolizadeh said the project, involving experts from the Defense Ministry and the Navy, will result in the announcement of “good news” on the development of battleships and vessels with a weight of 6,000 tons in the not-too-distant future.

He made the comments in a ceremony in Iran’s northern port city of Bandar Anzali, held to unveil the Navy’s newest destroyer dubbed Daylaman.

The general said the destroyer was capable of detecting and destroying various subsurface watercraft.

Daylaman has great endurance and can operate unreplenished for three months, he stated, adding that the destroyer has radar-evading capabilities thanks to its advanced hull.

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