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8 rockets reportedly hit US base in eastern Syria

Media outlets reported that eight rockets hit the illegal US base in Syria's Koniko gas field on Saturday night.
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Publish Date: 05February 2024 - 16:00

8 rockets reportedly hit US base in eastern SyriaOn Saturday night, news sources reported that the sound of several explosions was heard near the Koniko gas field in eastern Syria.

The gas field is located in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province and the American military forces use it as a base.

Arab news sources reported that these explosions were due to rocket attacks on the American base.

Reports suggested that in these attacks, the American base was targeted with 9 rockets while some other sources said 8 rockets targeted the base.

No groups have yet claimed responsibility for the drone attack so far.

Resistance groups based in Iraq have repeatedly hit US bases on Iraqi and Syrian territories with missiles and drones over the past weeks in retaliation for the Israeli regime’s crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

The groups are also outraged at the US military presence in the region, which they see as a source of instability, as well as Washington’s support for the Israeli regime in its ongoing war on Gaza.

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