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Israel is against humanitarian law

Photos and video clips from the Gaza Strip indicate that the Zionist regime is using civilians as human shields.
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Publish Date: 01July 2024 - 13:57

TEHRAN (defapress) - The broadcast videos show that the Zionist soldiers force the Palestinian prisoners to move ahead of the soldiers and look for explosives and underground tunnels.

Israel is against humanitarian law

The body-cams on Palestinian prisoners who were martyred showed that they were forced to move ahead of the Zionist soldiers while their hands were tied. So that if there were an explosive device on the way, it would be detected.

These war crimes happened while there are exact legal articles in the name of Humanitarian law. According to the law, it is prohibited to seize or to use the presence of persons protected by the Geneva Conventions as human shields to render military sites immune from enemy attacks or to prevent reprisals during an offensive (GCIV Arts. 28, 49; API Art. 51.7; APII Art. 5.2.c). It is necessary to mention that Palestine also joined the Geneva Conventions in 2014.

Also, it is hence prohibited to direct the movement of protected persons to attempt to shield military objectives or operations. The act of the IOF is completely against it.  Many categories of persons are specifically protected by humanitarian law, such as civilians, the wounded and sick, prisoners of war, and medical personnel; and the Zionist regime refuses to follow the existing rules for humanity.

These war crimes occurred while the UK requested a review by the court on whether it has jurisdiction over Israeli citizens and delayed the ICC's decision on arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant.

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