Updated in: 15 July 2024 - 19:07
Occupied Haifa's Mayor:

We are preparing for a potential war in the North

Occupied Haifa's Mayor confessed that they are preparing for an all-out war in the North.
News ID: 84780    Publish Date : 2024/07/15

The Israeli Al-Shati massacre martyr toll rises to 22

The Zionist regime raided the Al-Shati Camp and caused a great massacre in which at least 22 civilians were killed.
News ID: 84778    Publish Date : 2024/07/14

Israel used JDAM to create the al-Mawasi genocide

The bomb used by Israeli forces in the al-Mawasi massacre was a JDAM bomb made in the United States.
News ID: 84777    Publish Date : 2024/07/14

The Syrian air defense repelled the attack of the Zionist regime on Damascus

Syrian state media reported that the air defenses of this country had engaged hostile targets in the skies of Damascus.
News ID: 84774    Publish Date : 2024/07/14

Port of Eilat of the Zionist regime declares bankruptcy

The efforts of Ansarullah to stop the activities of the Eilat port of the Zionist regime were successful.
News ID: 84773    Publish Date : 2024/07/14

Ehud Olmert's disclosure of Netanyahu's cabinet's new game against Lebanon

The former prime minister of the Zionist regime claimed that Smotrich and Ben Gvir, aim to build settlements in southern Lebanon.
News ID: 84769    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Bernie Sanders:

The US must stop the blind support of Israel

Independent US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has called out US complicity in the Israeli regime’s atrocities in the Gaza Strip, urging the American people not to forget the plight of the Palestinians trapped in the besieged territory.
News ID: 84766    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Netanyahu's attempt to face the negotiations with a stop

Yesterday, sources related to the Hamas group announced the continuation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's disruptions in the path of the ceasefire agreement to defeat it.
News ID: 84765    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Shlagim outpost in the Hezbollah's targets bank

Lebanon's Hezbollah released new images of the Shlagim base in the north of the occupied territories, which is said to be one of Hezbollah's targets in a possible future war.
News ID: 84764    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Israel's airstrike on Deir al-Balah caused martyrdom of two civilian

Two civilians were martyred and others were wounded in an Israeli occupation airstrike on Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip.
News ID: 84763    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Dutch rejects the claim of exporting F-35 parts to the Zionist regime

A Dutch court on Friday rejected a claim from a group of human rights organizations that the Netherlands is dodging a court order to stop sending F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel which could use them in Gaza.
News ID: 84762    Publish Date : 2024/07/13

Mass rally in Yemen’s Saada in support of Gaza

The Yemeni people in Saada province held a million marches in support of the oppressed people of Gaza and condemned the crimes of the Israeli occupation.
News ID: 84760    Publish Date : 2024/07/12

Gaza civil defense slammed the Israeli massacres with US-made weapons

A member of Hamas' political bureau, Izzat al-Rishq, says the targeting of civilians and all aspects of civilian life by the Israeli occupation is a sign of defeat, not a prelude to victory.
News ID: 84756    Publish Date : 2024/07/10

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah:

Hamas represents the axis of resistance in the negotiations

Referring to the threats of the Zionist regime, the Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah said: We are always prepared for the worst scenarios.
News ID: 84755    Publish Date : 2024/07/10

Famine as child killer is spreading all over Gaza

A group of independent human rights experts and the United Nations envoy warned about the increase in the number of children killed in the Gaza Strip due to malnutrition and hunger from the north to the center and south of the besieged region.
News ID: 84754    Publish Date : 2024/07/10

Gaza will remain in history

Gaza will win and will remain in history because it is on the path of eternal Karbala, and all the aggressor regimes will be overthrown, and the victory will belong to those who chanted the slogan of freedom.
News ID: 84750    Publish Date : 2024/07/09

Hezbollah releases videos of large retaliatory attacks against Israeli military bases

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has released a video of striking three Israeli military bases lying in the northern part of the occupied Palestinian territories.
News ID: 84749    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

The IOF officials:

We failed in Gaza mission

Channel 14 of the Zionist regime has quoted some military officials as saying that based on the research conducted regarding the October 7 Al-Aqsa Storm operation, the Israeli army has failed in its mission in Gaza.
News ID: 84748    Publish Date : 2024/07/08


Any agreement must allow us to continue the war

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime claimed that our firm position against stopping military operations in Rafah forced Hamas to enter into negotiations, so we wouldn't leave the military operation and would insist on it.
News ID: 84746    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

Hostile attack of IOF on southern Lebanon

In a new hostile movement, the Tel Aviv regime once again targeted areas in southern Lebanon early on Monday.
News ID: 84744    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

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