Updated in: 22 July 2024 - 14:38
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Ansarullah leader warned Riyadh of any collusion with US, UK, and Israel

The Ansarullah's leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, warned Riyadh toward collusion with the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Zionist regime in hostility toward Yemen.
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Publish Date: 08July 2024 - 09:13

TEHRAN (defapress) - Al-Houthi remarked on Sunday, where he pointed out that many countries were not caught in the trap laid by the American-led coalition against Yemen and even had direct coordination with Yemen instead.

Ansarullah leader warned Riyadh of any collusion with US, UK, and Israel

The leader of the Ansarullah movement stated, "The biggest failure of the United States was that it could not include the countries neighboring the Red Sea in operations to support Israel. America also failed to force the Arab and neighboring countries to attack us from their soil."

He said that the US is still trying to use Saudi Arabia to put pressure on Yemen, stressing that, "America has sent us messages that will force Saudi Arabia to take hostile actions. At the moment, America's focus is on economic issues."

Al-Houthi considered any Saudi action against Yemen to be benefitting Israel and the US and said "We warned through intermediaries and recommended that Saudi Arabia stop its stupid actions. America intends to bring Saudi Arabia into an all-out war with us and return the situation to the peak of tensions."

Yemen’s Ansarullah al-Houthi further urged for Muslim unity and cooperation.

He urged Muslims to go back to “original Islam”, and cling to its principles.

Al-Houthi warned of Zionist plots to change school curricula in Muslim countries.

Yemen’s pro-Palestinian naval operations “astonished” US, UK, and Israeli officials, he later said, adding that, "US, UK advanced military technology failed to stop Yemen’s retaliatory operations.

Al-Houthi noted that the US faces a real dilemma amid Yemen’s retaliatory operations.

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