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Gaza will remain in history

Gaza will win and will remain in history because it is on the path of eternal Karbala, and all the aggressor regimes will be overthrown, and the victory will belong to those who chanted the slogan of freedom.
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Publish Date: 09July 2024 - 09:22

TEHRAN (defapress) - 276 days have passed since the war in Gaza, and this war is defending the rights, freedom, justice, and dignity, while many people not only do not support the principles and high human values but also sell the holy things at a cheap price.

Gaza will remain in history

During these 276 days, we have witnessed all kinds of crimes against humanity and nature by the Zionists, and according to official statistics, until the moment of writing this article, more than 38 thousand innocent Palestinian citizens, as a result of the relentless attacks of the Zionist regime have lost their lives, almost 10,000 people get lost and more than 80,000 people have been injured, 70% of whom are women, children and the elderly.

The point to consider here is that most military think tanks acknowledge this issue, the crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the Palestinians are rare and unparalleled to any other wars in this century!

Because, during this war, in addition to the immense killing of civilians, the health and treatment ran out of medical equipment and was unable to provide medical services. According to the report of UNRWA, 32 hospitals in Gaza have been out of service.

6 hospitals have been out of service due to not being able to provide medical supplies and medicine. 130 ambulances have been destroyed by the Zionists. 493 medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and staff, have been martyred as a result of the targeting of hospitals by the IOF, and more than 130 Palestinian doctors and nurses have been arrested for treating the oppressed people of Gaza.

350 Palestinian citizens are suffering from incurable diseases such as cancer and kidney failure and because of a lack of medicine, they are dealing with death.

1,890,000 residents of the Gaza Strip are at risk of contracting infectious diseases, of which about 8,000 people are suffering from cholera and other diseases, and they will die if the attacks on hospitals continue.

After all this, it can be said that Karbala, which carried deep meanings and Jihad lessons in the denial of oppression, injustice, and tyranny, has transcended time and space to achieve goals such as freedom, honor, and security, and Gaza has become similar to Karbala in many ways and the conflict between right and wrong continues there.

Why are the aggressive actions of the Zionists and the Americans against the steadfast of Palestine? Is it other than the people of Gaza have been living in a day like the day of Karbala for more than 9 months?

Therefore, although the geography of Gaza is different from Karbala, it has many similarities with Karbala in the events that happen there, such as genocide, violence, occupation, violation of human rights, economic blockade, increase of mercenaries, and lack of support. So how similar is today to yesterday? Therefore, it can be said with certainty that another Karbala has started today in Gaza, and right and wrong have once again lined up in front of each other. The criminal enemy and Zionist usurper shamelessly and in front of everyone's eyes commit crimes that few people have seen in history.

The usurping Zionists, with the support of the desperado America, have turned Gaza into another Karbala, and every day we witness the brutal killing of women, men, and children who have no sin but to defend their land and homeland.

But Gaza will win and will remain in history because it is on the path of eternal Karbala and all the aggressor regimes will be overthrown. The victory will belong to those who chanted the slogan of freedom.

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