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Tag: culture
Iran and Croatia agree on scientific, academic cooperation
other croatian officials, including the minister of culture and media...
News ID: 83413   Publish Date: 2021/06/01

Gen. Soleimani a role model for all interested in Resistance
system and the culture of resistance, commander of irgc quds...
the islamic system and the culture of resistance, consider martyr...
News ID: 83308   Publish Date: 2021/05/05

Iran, Russia determined to promote bilateral ties
economy and trade, security and politics, culture and society, science...
News ID: 83222   Publish Date: 2021/04/14

China's envoy talks of Iran-China 25-year coop. agreement
culture, and hospitable people there have been continuous exchanges between... the exchanges on culture, science, art, and film, and strengthened...
News ID: 83185   Publish Date: 2021/04/06

FM Zarif provides more details of Sino-Iranian doc.
trade, politics, economy, culture, defense, and security between the two...
News ID: 83171   Publish Date: 2021/04/02

CoE future depends on its ability to stay unbiased
and drug trafficking, healthcare, sports, education, culture, and other lavrov...
News ID: 83074   Publish Date: 2021/03/01

Gen. Salami:
Enemy plots to overthrow Islamic Republic 'shattered'
of economics, culture, politics, social affairs, and media, however, under...
News ID: 82972   Publish Date: 2021/02/03

'Iran's establishment most independent system on planet'
always wanted to take away our freedom, let their culture...
News ID: 82968   Publish Date: 2021/02/02

Iran-Iraq relations to be further developed
because iraqi people have a deep-rooted culture and iran&rsquo s...
News ID: 82962   Publish Date: 2021/01/31

Iran: Zionist regime Source of War, Terror, Unrest in Region
tehran defapress - iranian minister of culture and islamic guidance...
News ID: 82743   Publish Date: 2020/12/11

FM spox submits report on meeting with Afghan officials
council for national reconciliation, minister of culture, deputy foreign minister...
News ID: 82652   Publish Date: 2020/11/27

Iran, Afghanistan Explore Ways to Boost Cultural, Media Cooperation
reconciliation abdullah abdullah, the afghan minister of information and culture,...
News ID: 82638   Publish Date: 2020/11/26

Pres. Rouhani inaugurates national oil projects
education, culture and research acecr for construction of the second...
News ID: 82635   Publish Date: 2020/11/26

IRGC chief:
Our resistance will lead to enemies’ decline
it has targeted our people&rsquo s religion, culture, livelihood and...
News ID: 82627   Publish Date: 2020/11/25

Eight Syrian Ministers Added to EU Sanctions List
industry, health, agriculture and three ministers of state, afp reported... the ministers of finance, justice, trade, transport, culture, education and...
News ID: 82476   Publish Date: 2020/11/07

Supreme Leader:
US Elections Not to Affect Iran's Policy
this culture of savagery and this modern-time ignorance are inside,...
News ID: 82446   Publish Date: 2020/11/03

Audacity towards sanctities is violation of human dignity
pointed to the expansion and development of pure culture of...
News ID: 82433   Publish Date: 2020/11/01

‘Boycott French Products’ Launched over Macron’s Anti-Islam Comments
and said they are aimed at spreading a culture of... be directed towards promoting culture, tolerance and dialogue between cultures...
News ID: 82377   Publish Date: 2020/10/26

EU Foreign Policy Chief Under Self-Quarantine After Delegation Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus
european commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth mariya...
News ID: 82288   Publish Date: 2020/10/14

Iran's envoy to Russia:
No significant task can be done without public diplomacy
by the press deputy of the ministry of culture and...
News ID: 82219   Publish Date: 2020/10/07