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IRGC warns Iraqi Kurdistan over presence of terrorists
of iran to terrorist groups affiliated with the enemies of...
News ID: 83770   Publish Date: 2021/09/07

Gen. Mousavi:
Iran’s Army air defense ready to confront any threat
from enemies' threat with their utmost power ...
News ID: 83751   Publish Date: 2021/09/02

Rear Admiral Irani:
Iran not to let enemies disrupt region's security, peace
News ID: 83749   Publish Date: 2021/09/02

Iran able to upgrade, localize missile systems
said that the unwise enemies do not dare to look...
News ID: 83737   Publish Date: 2021/08/29

IRGC chief:
Iran cannot import vaccine from states with biologic weapons
leave the health of society to people and enemies whose... dealing with their enemies," general salami also noted ...
News ID: 83719   Publish Date: 2021/08/24

Gen. Hajizadeh:
Armed forces high morale gave Iran victory against Takfiris
characteristics is his knowledge of the enemies that has saved...
News ID: 83716   Publish Date: 2021/08/23

Taliban Press Conference:
A strong Islamic, inclusive gov. to be formed very soon
internal enemies " a strong islamic and inclusive government will...
News ID: 83705   Publish Date: 2021/08/18

Brig. Gen. Sabahifard:
Enemies not dare to test high power of Iran’s air defense
that the unwise enemies do not dare to look greedily...
News ID: 83702   Publish Date: 2021/08/17

'IRIAF ready to defend Iran comprehensively'
thorn in the eye of the enemies "...
News ID: 83677   Publish Date: 2021/08/11

IRGC warns enemies of retesting Iran
tehran defapress - irgc aerospace force commander warned enemies of...
harsh, highlighted the commander &ldquo enemies will not commit this...
News ID: 83668   Publish Date: 2021/08/08

IRGC chief commander:
Hezbollah brings dignity, guarantees security for Lebanon
frustrated the enemies ...
News ID: 83666   Publish Date: 2021/08/08

IRGC chief:
Iran fully prepared to react harshly to any enemy
said that the enemies must know the time is over...
News ID: 83655   Publish Date: 2021/08/05

Brig. Gen. Sabahifard:
Iran air defense enjoys a very high capability in drone field
being attacked by enemies, he said, adding, &ldquo but now,...
News ID: 83649   Publish Date: 2021/08/03

Iran-Syria agreement to help bilateral economic interests
enemies are upset and angry with this victory &rdquo expressing...
News ID: 83633   Publish Date: 2021/07/28

Maj. Gen. Bagheri:
Border security situation reassuring
plots of the enemies in the development of threats in...
News ID: 83542   Publish Date: 2021/07/06

US military presence in Iraq is mere occupation
the country under pressure from the enemies he said that...
News ID: 83538   Publish Date: 2021/07/06

Leader slams Western countries for sheltering terrorists
the elections the enemies hoped the turnout would be about... enemies' media outlets and foreign propaganda machines working to create...
News ID: 83514   Publish Date: 2021/06/29

Rear Admiral Sayyari:
Huge turnout of people in election guaranteed IR movement
enemies against the country, coordinating deputy of the islamic republic...
News ID: 83493   Publish Date: 2021/06/24

High turnout gives more prestige to IR establishment
wednesday that the western media and enemies seek to undermine...
people participation will disappoint enemies once again, saying that an... action that disappoints enemies is considered a good deed he... be more pressures by enemies, he underlined enemies seek to...
News ID: 83464   Publish Date: 2021/06/17

IRGC calls for huge turnout in presidential election
plots waged by enemies against the country " over the... spite of the conspiracies and malicious deeds of enemies waged... plots of enemies, the statement is read election is one... disappointed enemies in this way ...
News ID: 83462   Publish Date: 2021/06/17