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Tag: imposed war
Liberation of Khorramshahr proved Iran's strong natl. power
thwarted by warriors during the eight years of sacred defense... iraqi imposed war against iran during 1980-1988 , especially in...
News ID: 84180   Publish Date: 2022/05/25

Salami hails army, IRGC achievements in drones field
during the iraqi-imposed war on iran in different fields of... focusing on some specialties, including electronic warfare the irgc commander... capable of manufacturing warplanes now he also expressed the readiness...
News ID: 84072   Publish Date: 2022/04/20

IRGC cmdr.:
Army’s capabilities prevented enemies attacks on Iran
refer, in iran, to iraq&rsquo s eight years of imposed... war under saddam hussein&rsquo s ba&rsquo ath regime from 1980-1988... iranian army forces during the iraqi imposed war have been... earlier on monday, president ebrahim raeisi warned the zionist regime...
News ID: 84066   Publish Date: 2022/04/19

IRGC chief:
Any act of mischief to receive IRGC harsh response
commemorate iranian efforts and lives lost during 8-year iraqi imposed... war in 1980s "'enemies do not dare to confront iran,"... of the martyrs alive and make the new generations aware... of the sacrifices that the iranian warriors made during the...
News ID: 83983   Publish Date: 2022/03/29

Gen. Salami:
Iran has upper hand on battlefield against enemy
to the eight years of scared defense iraqi imposed war... intelligence warfare, etc &rdquo relying upon the assistance of the...
News ID: 83930   Publish Date: 2022/03/11

Leader's adviser:
Our defense strategy is "nipping attacking enemy in the bud"
towards our country, we should destroy them at the beginning... regime in the early days of the iraqi saddam regime-imposed... war on iraq in 1980 the top military aide to...
News ID: 83771   Publish Date: 2021/09/07

Gen. Mousavi:
Iran’s Army air defense ready to confront any threat
iran during the eight years of sacred defense iraqi imposed... war against iran in 1980-1988 who sacrificed their soul and...
News ID: 83751   Publish Date: 2021/09/02

Brig. Gen. Sabahifard:
Air defense progresses in research field ‘quite tangible’
of combatants during eight years of sacred defense iraqi imposed... war against iran in 1980-1988 , and stipulated that numerous...
News ID: 83745   Publish Date: 2021/09/01

Brig. Gen. Sabahifard:
Enemies not dare to test high power of Iran’s air defense
iraqi imposed war against iran in 1980-1988 &rdquo today, air... hardware and software systems thanks to the unsparing and unflinching...
News ID: 83702   Publish Date: 2021/08/17

Brig. Gen. Sabahifard:
Iran air defense enjoys a very high capability in drone field
of sacred defense iraqi imposed war against iran in 1980-1988... state of war and there was a high possibility of...
News ID: 83649   Publish Date: 2021/08/03

Rear Admiral Sayyari:
Armed Forces not to let anyone invade territorial integrity
of sacred defense iraqi imposed war against iran successfully with...
News ID: 83620   Publish Date: 2021/07/26

Iran considers Syria its strategic partner
imposed war against iran 1980-1988 , takfiri and isil invasion...
News ID: 83558   Publish Date: 2021/07/11

Iran's new ambassador to Syria meets with Pres. Assad
is a veteran who was disabled during the iraqi-imposed war...
News ID: 83448   Publish Date: 2021/06/14

Yemen Resistance Front ‘most brilliant symbol of resistance’
ever after six-year imposed war, top adviser to leader of...
News ID: 83423   Publish Date: 2021/06/04

IRIAF cmdr.:
Axis of Resistance invincible
suffered during the iraqi imposed war on iran between 1980-1980,...
News ID: 83402   Publish Date: 2021/05/30

Gen. Salami hails Quds Force's role in empowering nations
during the iraqi imposed war on iran between 1980-1980, brigadier...
News ID: 83281   Publish Date: 2021/04/29

Liberator of Nobbol and Zahra joined his martyr friends
of the imposed war against iraq, he became commander of... months of the war after the war, he raised higher... warriors in many battles, especially the liberation of nobbol and...
News ID: 83246   Publish Date: 2021/04/21

Iran Army cmdr.:
Withdrawal of foreign forces essential for regional security
imposed war, the army has reached a significant point in...
News ID: 83244   Publish Date: 2021/04/20

Gen. Hatami:
Iran major victim of mine in war with Iraq
the intl day for mine awareness and assistance in mine... victim of mine due to the imposed war with iraq...
eight years of the imposed war with iraq, an area... he noted that the enemies, in the post-war years, refused... the biggest victim of mine," he added "world mine awareness... day is a valuable step towards paying redoubled attention to...
News ID: 83187   Publish Date: 2021/04/06

Islamic Republic an “effective model” of governance
as well as the eight-year imposed war, exposing to the...
News ID: 83172   Publish Date: 2021/04/02