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Chief of staff of Iran's armed forces joint command Chief met with the Russian army.
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Publish Date: 21November 2017 - 20:55

Major General Bagheri met with the head of the Russian army headquartersRussian Army Chief of staff major general Bqheri met with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the Iranian armed forces, General of the revolutionary guards, Mohammad Baqheri, with the Commander of the Russian Army’s Joint Chiefs of staff, met Vladimir grisimof, on Tuesday (November 30), the Department of Defense's defense forces, was quoted.

Bilateral meeting before the tripartite meeting, Chief of staff of Iran's armed forces and military headquarters and military leaders in Russia and Turkey.

Tripartite meeting will be held in Sochi, Russia has on the adoption of a common approach to continue the process of clearing terrorist groups and takfiri and restore security and stability to the Syrian city in Russia, the discussion.

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