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Admiral Rastgri said in a gathering of reporters;
"If we have sufficient assurance in the companies and the marital industry, we can be one of the producers and exporters of nautical vessels in the area and further than.
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Publish Date: 26January 2018 - 17:08

Useless of sanctions on Iran's military industry / capabilities in the building of a variety of types of vesselsAccording to the Defense and security DefaPress reporter, Admiral Rastegari, the manager of the section of Marine associations, on the sidelines of the gap of the first inclusive international marine display, told reporters, "Today I had the achievement of visiting the country's nautical industry at the exhibition, which indicates growth, potential And the development and modernization of this is the mediocre.

He added "Today, our household industry is clever to create many needs in the meadow of maritime industries based on native capabilities and offer them with related organizations,”
Admiral Rastegari sustained: Today, we have reached a phase in the aptitude to create steering systems, routing help systems, and a diversity of types of emotional motors and types of compressors indoors the country's leading craftsmen.

"Today, our country has furthermore been able to intend and produce offshore platforms, and I believe if our operator’s belief restricted craftsmen, they will be able to make out the types of world-class vessels in the time frame planned to create.

"I believe that today, the country has a huge potential in the nautical industry, and we have very good knowledge companies that are touching along the limits of information and whose crop deserve to struggle with the tackle of the day," said the head of the Section of Marine Industries Section of the Ministry of Defense.

He added: "I am positive that if we have sufficient confidence in domestic companies and industries, we can be one of the manufacturers and exporters of nautical vessels in the area and in the area over the next few years."

Referring to the advantaged situation of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and the North Indian Ocean, Admirer Rastgari, said: "This geostrategic happening can be of vast help in the meadow of maritime growth, and this can be achieved in the field of rail and sea convey Getting the label of a North Corridor to Hanoi and the East to the West can be the source of wealth and employment.

"Today, many countries have tactics and strategies for exploiting ocean ecosystems, and we also have the event to take benefit of this chance, given the situation and capacities that we have in this area," said the head of the Section of Marine Industries Section of the Section of Defense.

He said universal haughtiness has come to the finish that Iran's sanctions in the military bubble have been totally unproductive. Today the nautical industry has been able to provide all the marine needs of the influential forces of the country, counting the Navy, the Navy and the IRGC, and the law enforcement force within the navy, and in this area, a diversity of destroyers, types of missiles and crews are shaped within it.

"The danger to current sanctions by some countries is more like to a political game," the head of the Section of Navy's Section of Defense said. "Our enemies know that Iran has for all time been in the area of peace and has not exceeded any country in the past 200 years, and has always emphasized on a shared regional partnership for sustainable peace.

He said that what we are seeing today is the better nervousness of the countries of the international region from the power of Iran in the constancy of the region, adding that such influences are contrary to the tension policy of international states in the erea.

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