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DefaPress reports;
The attendance of the United States in Afghanistan has been an attainment other than the obliteration and killing of the defenseless Afghan people, the formation and spread of terrorist groups such as ISIL in the area.
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American New dream in Afghanistan with ISIL CondimentAccording to the international reporter Defa Press: Afghanistan has not had security over the years Since the US presence in Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11, 2001 adventure, the roots of insecurity have not departed, and the blameless people of the country every day are the victims of terrorist assaults, suicide, and violence of radical groups.

A significant aim of the United States is the continued attendance of military in Afghanistan, which justifies the presence of lack of confidence in this country. Lack of confidence requires military bases so that US military troops are always used to present security.

The US-based ISIL stemming from Afghanistan has facilitated US pressure in the area, but the lack of control of this cancerous mass for Americans has too caused a lot of negative penalty.

The role of America in the emergence of ISIL

In 1979, the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, throughout the 10 years of its profession by the Soviet Union; some 35,000 people from the Arab world came to this country to help the Muslim people of Afghanistan and the Mujahideen.

The CIA, during Pakistan, sent millions of dollars to help the Afghan mujahedin and other Arab jihadist forces that had worked with them. Consequently, the original grow of ISIL began from that matter.

US help with the support of the Pakistani and Saudi army security forces, mainly the Saudi-dependent Wahhabi forces, the Salafists (supporters of the return to Islam and, according to them, Saleh's predecessors) and the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and their admission to billions of dollars of oil, have led to the removal of the army The Soviet Union came from the country of Afghanistan and the formation of the Taliban regime. In 1996, the Taliban took power and cooperated with Osama bin Laden.

The consequences of this co-operation were devised in the United States on September 11th. Following the event, the united States attack Afghanistan and occupied it, the Taliban was unseat and the war against al-Qaeda began.

By fleeing Abu Musab Zarqawi and beating Osama bin Laden, the group needed a new place where the US incursion of Iraq in 2003 provided them with the opportunity. In this way, the United States formally helped the Takfiri terrorists in Afghanistan to source, replicate and enlarge. From the very beginning, the United States has been working to depiction these radical groups in arrange to have a lawful presence in Iraq and assist admission to its vital energy resources.

With the intensification of the Syrian crisis, the United States backed opposition groups from Syria's equitable government with the aime of overthrowing the regime of Bashar al-Assad and provided them with a large quantity of weapons and weapons. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called the al-Qaeda organization and subsections during a message from ISIL and.

Al-Nusra front one of the terrorist groups in Syria. After more than a few months al-Qaeda's al-Zawahiri announced al-Qaeda and ISIL's lack of collaboration In other words, an autonomous radical group from al-Qaeda, ISIS, continued its terrorist activities, and Al-Baghdadi, the head of the ISIL, called himself Muslim Caliphate, and called on all Muslims to swear loyalty to him.
Referring to some of the Defense Intelligence Agency documents, he quarreled that Washington was planning to form and support these terrorist groups.

It seems that ISIL's collaboration with the United States to conquer the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria is part of the "Great Middle East Plan" tactic that the United States has been making to democratize the countries of the area and the appearance of puppet states related with the United States and the West. Documents released by the US Department of Defense in September 2014 will comprise the ISIS progressive zone until 2016, counting Sunni areas in northern and western Baghdad, Syria, with the exemption of Damascus and the west of the country, as well as a small part of northern Jordan. The documents verify the US support and their full knowledge of the plans of this terrorist group.

In Clinton's autobiography, Hard Choices, one of the United States try in the area was ISIL, and in accord with this declaration, former US intelligence agency chief Michael Flynn publicly said Al Jazeera that the United States In makeing and supporting ISIL terrorist groups, theAl- Nusra Front and the al-Qaeda bough of the Syrian government have contributed to the government's conquer

So far, the US move toward to ISIL has been double; ISIL is an effectual instrument for the United States if it wants to press its rival. For example, the Russians think that the move of the ISIL terrorist group to northern Afghanistan and near their borders in Central Asia is owing to pressure on China and Russia. In the United States, in order to keep away from direct argument with its rivals in the region, such as Iran, Russia and China, using this regional deterioration policy, they use the radical group to pay the costs of commerce with ISIL, so there is no need to use up America.

On the other hand, ISIL is also a threat to US interests and national security when it smashes its soldiers, journalists, and American and Western pilots and scanners and gets bigger its terrorist operations into major European cities and terror and terror America and its associates, in which case the United States calls them a terrorist. For this reason, the United States cannot have a solitary approach to ISIL, and a coalition among the United States, al-Qaeda and ISIL is in place to use America's wellbeing as US interests, such as Syria, to unite Israel's happiness and security. Reinvigorate yourself in Syria by removing Bashar al-Assad and initiation a puppet government. It provides the military with the necessary support.

In general, the presence of the United States in Afghanistan has been an achievement other than the obliteration and killing of the defenseless Afghan people, the organization and increase of terrorist groups, because ISIL has not been in the area. Cost of US policy pressure in strategic areas, since the Middle East is the only blameless people in these areas.

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