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Iran, Russia, China to hold joint naval exercise

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani announced the holding of a joint naval exercise between Iran, Russia, and China.
News ID: 84446    Publish Date : 2023/12/03

US push for Iran sanctions self-serving political manipulation: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Tehran (Defapress) - China says that Washington has no right to demand enacting the snap-back mechanism after its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal of 2015.
News ID: 82719    Publish Date : 2020/12/06

China Urges US to Correct Mistake on Venezuela-Related Sanctions

TEHRAN (defapress) – China urged the United States on Tuesday to correct its mistake and lift all illegal sanctions, after Washington imposed Venezuela-related sanctions targeting a Chinese firm.
News ID: 82699    Publish Date : 2020/12/01

China's Manila Mission Says 'Dangerous' US Creating Chaos in Asia

TEHRAN (defapress) – China’s embassy in the Philippines denounced the United States for “creating chaos” in Asia, after a visiting White House envoy backed countries in disputes with China and accused Beijing of using military pressure to further its interests.
News ID: 82620    Publish Date : 2020/11/24

China Imposes New Restrictions on US News Outlets in Retaliatory Move Against Washington

TEHRAN (defapress)- China introduced tougher regulatory standards on a list of US media outlets in a “necessary and reciprocal” move following Washington's decision to hit a number of Chinese journalists with restrictions.
News ID: 82390    Publish Date : 2020/10/27

China Warns US It May Detain Americans over Prosecutions

TEHRAN (defapress) – The Chinese government warned Washington it may detain Americans in China in response to the US Justice Department’s prosecution of Chinese military-affiliated scholars, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.
News ID: 82316    Publish Date : 2020/10/18

China, ASEAN Should Prevent ‘External Disruption’ in South China Sea: Wang Yi

TEHRAN (defapress) – The Chinese government’s top diplomat, State Councilor Wang Yi, said on Tuesday that Beijing and members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) should work together to remove “external disruption” in the South China Sea.
News ID: 82273    Publish Date : 2020/10/13

China Calls for Elimination of US Unilateral Measures against Iran

TEHRAN (defapress) – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying condemned Washington’s recent sanctions on Iran, saying the bans pose a direct threat to ordinary people’s life and health due to the continued spread of the COVID-19.
News ID: 82255    Publish Date : 2020/10/11

Iran’s FM Hails ‘Fruitful Talks' in Visit to China

TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hailed “fruitful” talks with his Chinese counterpart on a range of issues, including the JCPOA and COVID-19 crisis.
News ID: 82252    Publish Date : 2020/10/11

China Reaffirms Support for JCPOA, Proposes Creation of Regional Dialogue Platform

TEHRAN (defapress) – Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi underscored the need to preserve the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, calling on the remaining signatories to the JCPOA to join a regional multilateral dialogue to salvage the multilateral accord.
News ID: 82251    Publish Date : 2020/10/11

Zarif Due in China Friday

TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will visit China on Friday for talks on a range of bilateral, regional and international issues, a spokesman said.
News ID: 82225    Publish Date : 2020/10/08

China Urges US to Drop ‘Cold War’ Mentality

TEHRAN (defapress) – China said on Wednesday that the United States should stop its unprovoked attacks and accusations against China, accusing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of maliciously creating political confrontation and smearing Beijing.
News ID: 82220    Publish Date : 2020/10/07


25-year agreement to open new chapter in Iran-China ties

TEHRAN (defapress) – First Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri expressed congratulations to the Chinese officials and people on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Modern China which is celebrated on October 1.
News ID: 82162    Publish Date : 2020/10/01

Zarif wishes broader prospect for Iran-China bilateral coop.

TEHRAN (defapress) – In a Sunday tweet, the Iranian Foreign Minister wished China great success and a broader prospect for Iran and China's comprehensive strategic cooperation.
News ID: 82140    Publish Date : 2020/09/29


Trump ‘Spreading Political Virus’ at United Nations

TEHRAN (defapress)- US President Donald Trump used the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday to attack China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying it must be held accountable for having “unleashed this plague onto the world”.
News ID: 82097    Publish Date : 2020/09/23

China Says No Mid-Line in Taiwan Strait, Warns US of Countermeasures

TEHRAN (defapress)- China on Monday reiterated Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and denied the so-called mid-line in the Taiwan Strait amid the recent tensions that resulted from interactions between US officials and Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party.
News ID: 82090    Publish Date : 2020/09/22

China dismisses US claims of UN sanctions on Iran as baseless

TEHRAN (defapress) – China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin called US claims on returning UN sanctions on Iran baseless.
News ID: 82075    Publish Date : 2020/09/21

India Says Ready for All Eventualities with China

TEHRAN (defapress)- India is determined to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and is prepared to deal with all contingencies, the country’s defense minister said on Tuesday amid an ongoing border standoff with China.
News ID: 82031    Publish Date : 2020/09/16

China Will Reportedly Sanction Senior US Officials Who Visit Taiwan

TEHRAN (defapress)- China will sanction senior US officials who visit Taiwan, as well as the American companies that they work with, The Global Times' editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin, stated on Tuesday.
News ID: 81978    Publish Date : 2020/09/09

China to Hold More Military Drills Off Northeast, East Coasts

TEHRAN (defapress) – China will hold further military exercises from Monday along its northeast and eastern coast, the government said, the latest in a series of unusual back-to-back drills against a backdrop of rising regional tension.
News ID: 81960    Publish Date : 2020/09/07