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Martyr Mohammad Behrooz Layeghi:
Martyr Mohammad Behrooz Layeghi has written in a textural form: "Wider your views that the possible life is next to the after this. Let's gauge your faith on this front and do not fail to spot this great approval, a great enjoyment that may not be respected. Everything is on this front. Everyone is gone. "
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Islam is in danger / Check your Faith in the FrontAccording to Epic and Jihad group of Defapress: martyr Mohammad Behrooz Layeqi was born on March 2, 1966 in Tehran in his youth, he forever tried to attempt to achieve the aspirations of the Islamic Republic's holy system and, consequently, became a member of the Basij, He left for 1982years for the first time in the year 1982, and on December 25, 1985, he was martyred throughout Operation Karbala 5 on the Shalamche Front.

In the following, read the notes of this great martyr:

"Thank you and admires the Lord, who left me as a shot from the arc to a sure aim, and guide the heat of your love to this humble holy one, and lead me from darkness to your light.

Thank God, this gave me the blessing of my time in this time, and I would be between such young people, and I would like him to transport me a flaming heart and split of eye and enjoyment in worship before hegira this world. Do not amuse me to this dilemma in the world. Now in a responsive position, Islam is at bet in this regard and they want to destroy God's faith as enemies of God. In order to achieve their own requirements and evil intentions, va eslama voice brings their wafts like deadly snakes onto the constant body of Islam.

The religion of Allah is always rigid and permanent, and the responsibility on our part is to defend the seclusion of Islam with its red blood and possessions and children. If we do not do this today, God will choose another tribe to do this task and he will be capable to do anything. So let's take full benefit of this great elegance of Divine blessing, at the end of which you are pleased to be lofty. Why do you stand idle and stitch the eyes of this world? Wider your views that the earthly life is against the after this, let’s gauge your faith on this front and do not miss this great blessing, a great enjoyment that may not be appreciated. Whatever is on this front, everyone is going to be, the authority is complete, "and the remainder of the image of "Rabec Zul al-Jalal Wolakram" remains the spirit and essence of the Lord who possesses splendor and dignity. So let's face it.

Brothers and sisters, what was my reason for choosing this way, we will give our martyrs their blood to protect Islam. Light the eyes in the brilliant future in the striking Karbala patio to love the deity of Karbala Imam Hussein (AS) and remember the martyrs of dear to your chest and head and to passionately go to the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (AS). O dear ones, I went to make red blood of my martyrdom more colorful. I went to name, remember, and serious for the sake of Allah, my lover, my old friend and my new friend, wake you up. See my conduit, touch the beginning and end, then continue to carry on the way of the prophets, the imams and the martyrs.

Basiji, army, brothers working in the Islamic Revolutionary Corps, you will pay more attention. You have a heavier duty, and if you do not lose sight of the subjects of Islam and the revolution, you are deliberately weakened, but if a normal person, if he does not fail, may not count him as much as he does tomorrow.

My good friends, I hope you will not be distress with me during the crash with this disgrace, or I could do what I could and did not do, to forgive and decide to your magnitude and pass through my faults. Pray for me Read the head of the serious of Hamad and Surah, maybe God's pardon and pardon.
Father John, mother of John, do not be saddened by me. But be glad that God provided you with this beautiful present that he gave you. Do not stop you from crying. Cry and groan for Imam Hussein (AS). Cry for the martyrs of Karbala, cry for the first time of the oppressed, for Fatemeh (SA), and cry for your infallible children.

Solomon's great sisters, soliloquy sisters and like zeinab (SA) on the scene and continue my path.
My elder brother, solicit me and take my gun, so that our meeting will be fresh against Bab Al-Mujahedin. Apply for the bouts that you have taken throughout your life and suffer from many sufferings.

Wallaslam - Feb. 12, 1985 - Mohammad Behrouz Layeqi 

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