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Notes / Shahab Shabani Nia

English assault to the Revolutionary Army

The source of the recent attack was on the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran,was Britain, which, with the receipt of a significant number of Iranian “White collars”, is the source of the exterior and incidence of various sedition against the Iranian nation.
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Publish Date: 03March 2018 - 11:56

English assault to the Revolutionary ArmyDefensive and Security group of Defapress - Shahab Shabani Nia; Armed Forces in each country are careful to be pillars of power and it is obvious that the weakening of these forces could reason a main challenge in that country. Accordingly, the weakening of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution has been on the program of the conceited front and its interior causes.

For many years, the West has been chases Iran's missile defense capability project, and also because of the effective measures taken by the Revolutionary Guards to defeat the arrogance plans in the area, this revolutionary organization has long been the aim of both domestic and foreign enemies.

On the other hand, the Army of the Islamic Republic has not runaway the attacks of enemies and anti-revolutionary elements. The slogan of the termination of the army in the early formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran was raised by the internal elements of the enemy and some of the deceitful; the slogan that was not in line with Imam Khomeini's (Imam Khomeini's) and the March 29 naming of the "Army Day".

From the point of view of the Imam, the army is the vertebrae of the nation and assurances the sovereignty of the country. The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards called the Islamic Republic's army "Hezbollah's army," referring to the revolutionary performance of the army. "From the revolutionary organizations and apparatuses that have been united and every time closer to revolutionary values since the starting of the revolution to the present day, It is undoubtedly the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” (1)

The revolutionary scenery of the army was not accidental either at the expense of the Islamic Revolution itself. This revolution, along with the faith in the body of the army and its workers that are in the midst of these people, was revealed and following the uprising of the people against the Pahlavi regime. On the same basis, the commitment of the Air Force and the army's joining the revolutionary people.

The "revolutionary army" is not something that the enemy can endure and, therefore, it is natural to take any act to hit it. In the same vein, we refer to the commander-in-chief of General Army Maj . Gen. Mousavi a few days ago; he said: "In some recent presents, the army had situations in which the voice of some foreign-born counter-revolutionaries came about; so that London offered me with several pages of content the insulting themes were that you turned the Iranian National Army into a "revolutionary army" and I said thank you too.

According to general Moussavi, the source of the assault on the Islamic Republic of Iran has been Britain, which, with the acceptance of a significant number of Iranian “White collars”, is the source of the emergence and occurrence of many sedition against the Iranian nation.

The army's presentation in the course of the Islamic Revolution, the effectual role of the army in the holy defense, the audacious assignments of the army in defense of Al-Allah, as well as the co-ordination of the army with the IRGC in various fields, has provoked the abhorrence of enemies and still their interior mercenaries. The mercenaries who had previously been praised by the army for hitting the army and destroying its image - as exemplified by the earthquake in Kermanshah - today has revealed its true meanings, the same as the weakening of Iran's defensive authority.

1- Statements in the meeting of forces in Zulfiqar's maneuver (1376.7.5)

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