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General Bagheri with reporters:
"For the duration of the holy defense of Iran, the Iran's people were so continuous and defenseless that it did not separate from its territory, and the shameful past of Iranian history became a pride and honor for the Iranian people.
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Publish Date: 12March 2018 - 08:00

Iran's people in the holy defense transformed the Shamefulness past to the ProudAccording to the reporter of the epic and jihad of the Defapress: General Mohammad Bagheri At the meeting of the Rahiyan Nour policy-making council of journalists, referring to the motto of 2018, "We were able to reach the light," said: "This year's motto is derived from our practice in holy defense years, it's a fact that our people stood up against the whole world, and the motto They gave them the Matsvansim in action, while arrogance called for the destruction of Iran and Iran.

He continued: during the holy defense of Iran, the Iranian people, with their resistance, became proud of all their shameful acts, and this was accomplished by not losing even an ounce of Irene soil.

General Bagheri said: "In the past few years, a national road map has been prepared and will be presented with leadership, in this document there will be various activities that will provide quantitative and quality progress in these activities."

General Bagheri, emphasizing the presence of children and adolescents, said that the field for children and adolescents should be wider in these activities.

People are deeply involved with the strategies of the commander in the sacred defense, and this will be transmitted correctly to the next generation, so that our slogan can be institutionalized for the next generation.

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