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TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised China for its stances against the US’ cruel and illegal sanctions on Tehran, expressing hope that strong action from countries like China would result in a world free of sanctions.
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Publish Date: 28April 2020 - 11:31

President Hails China’s Opposition to US Sanctions on IranIn a telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday, Rouhani said the world is in a situation where everyone needs help, but some people continue their unlawful and inhumane sanctions.

He also expressed hope that with the efforts and countering measures of countries like China, people would see a world without sanctions.

The Iranian president went on to point to the US interfering behavior, calling such actions a threat to security, peace and stability in the region, according to the Iranian government’s official website.

 “For Iran, the security of the region and its waterways is important, but unfortunately, the risky behavior of the United States may disrupt the stability of the Persian Gulf region,” he underlined.

In turn, the Chinese president denounced the continuation of US sanctions and its insistence on maximum pressure against Iran. He stated that some countries are unfortunately seeking political benefits in these conditions, but China is ready to observe international regulations.

He further thanked the Islamic Republic for its assistance amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and announced Beijing’s readiness to continue to help Iran contain the virus.

“The drop in the number of patients and deaths, and at the same time the increase in the number of recovering people in Iran show that the treatment programs have been useful and their implementation has been accurate,” said the Chinese president.

Referring to the initiative of the Islamic Republic called “Hormuz Peace Endeavour”, Xi said the plan is very useful for the security of the region. He added that the security of the Persian Gulf is essential for international peace and stability.

In the telephone conversation, the two sides also called the relations between Iran and China strategic and special, saying that bilateral trade ties are promising. Rouhani and Xi also called for further development of relations with the implementation of bilateral agreements and carrying out joint infrastructure projects.

The presidents of Iran and China further expressed sympathy and solidarity over the loss of a number of citizens due to COVID-19 and wished success in controlling the pandemic.

They also touched upon boosting health relations between Tehran and Beijing to confront the coronavirus and exchange of experiences and research achievements.

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