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Hamas urges for regional coalition against US, Israel

TEHRAN (Defapress) - Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh pointed to the US attempt to form a coalition in the region and called for starting a strategic dialogue to form a political coalition against the US-led coalition building.
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Publish Date: 16July 2022 - 02:31

Hamas urges for regional coalition against US, IsraelThe Head of Hamas' Political Bureau on Thursday stated that the US government's attempt to redesign the region's map based on the integration of the occupying Zionist regime in it and to ensure the security of this regime through an alliance with some Arab governments will fail because this step is against the will of the nation and contradicts the cultural and intellectual heritage of the region.

"We want to start a strategic dialogue between the different strata of Islamic Umma and its countries with the aim of formation of a political coalition and protect the region against hegemony, normalization of relations and occupation of resources," Haniyeh added.

He went on to say that the Palestinians would no longer fall into the trap of illusion and mirage of negotiations, adding that they will continue the all-out resistance until the occupiers are expelled and the people return to their homeland and the holy al-Quds city.

His remarks come after the Zionist regime's minister of war, Benny Gantz, announced that the regime is creating a US-backed regional coalition to counter Iran's drones and missiles.

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