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The martyr toll rises after the Zionist regime's barbaric attack

The number of martyrs of the attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah increased to more than 50 people.
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Publish Date: 27May 2024 - 12:31

The martyr toll rises after the Zionist regime's barbaric attackTEHRAN (defapress) – According to the Palestinian civil defense report, more than 50 people were martyred after targeting the refugee camp in Rafah.

 The Islamic resistance movement of Hamas announced in a statement that the criminal army of the Zionist regime committed another crime this evening against the Palestinian refugees in the west of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of people live, and during this invasion, dozens of people were martyred and injured, most of them women and children and this is a clear disregard and insult to the recent order of the International Court of Justice, which demanded an immediate stop to the attack on Rafah.

This movement stressed that we know the American government especially Joe Biden, is responsible for this crime because this operation was held with the support of this country and its green light to attack Rafah despite the large presence of refugees there.

Hamas demanded the immediate implementation of the rulings and decisions of the International Court of Justice and pressure on the occupying regime to stop the crimes and shedding the blood of Palestinian civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.

This movement also asked all sides, especially Egypt, to put pressure on the Zionist regime to withdraw its forces from the Rafah crossing to resume the activity of this crossing and facilitate the exit of the wounded and sick and the arrival of humanitarian aid.

The Islamic resistance movement of Hamas stressed that the international community, the United Nations, and all relevant parties should take immediate action to immediately stop the genocide against the Palestinian nation that has been going on for more than 7 months and support the Palestinian nation against the killing machine and terrorism of the Zionists who seek to displace this nation and destroy its national ideal.

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