Updated in: 24 June 2024 - 15:55
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Latest UN charge can cause severe consequences for Israel

The UN’s decision to add Israel to a global list of offenders for committing violations against children has potential consequences for Israel.
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Publish Date: 08June 2024 - 14:55

Latest UN charge can cause severe consequences for IsraelTEHRAN (defapress) – Countries which added to the blacklist of the United Nations, would face harsh consequences. Those countries which pay attention to the blacklist, are going to have to look at their diplomatic relations with Israel.

According to the accusation that the UN made for Israel about martyring and violating children's lives during the war, it may have a business impact as well on companies who don’t want to be associated with something like this. They don't want to make their hands weltering in Palestinian kid's blood.

That’s always been the worry for Israel and now it’s becoming a reality.

This diplomatic isolation strategy that Israel had when it came to decisions by the ICJ and the ICC, they were able to dismiss but this is a much more serious charge and it’s something that will have real consequences for the Israelis.

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