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Interim foreign minister:

Iran among ‘loudest voices’ against Israeli crimes in Gaza

The interim foreign minister says Iran is one of the countries that have raised “the loudest voices” against Israel’s genocidal war crimes in the Gaza Strip.
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Publish Date: 09June 2024 - 12:57

Iran among ‘loudest voices’ against Israeli crimes in GazaTEHRAN (defapress) - Ali Bagheri Kani made the remarks in an opinion piece published in the Turkish Milliyet newspaper on Saturday, as more than eight months of the brutal Israeli onslaught has killed a shocking number of people in Gaza and led to famine in the besieged Palestinian territory. 

“Over the past eight months, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been one of the loudest voices against the Zionist regime’s bloodshed against the oppressed people of Palestine and has tried to stop this invasion and genocide as soon as possible,” the top diplomat said.

He said Israel has “no qualms” about committing the most serious international crimes against Palestinians during its “full-scale Gaza genocide.”

He also expressed regret that the international community has failed to take an effective measure against the occupying regime’s heinous atrocities, which are being perpetrated under the support of Western states, especially the United States.

“We are aware of our responsibility as a member of the international community, the United Nations and the Islamic world, and we have used and will use every opportunity and way to help Gaza.”

On Saturday, Bagheri Kani attended an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers of the Developing Eight (D-8) Organization for Economic Cooperation on Israel’s aggression against Gaza, in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

In his opinion piece, the Iranian interim foreign minister underlined the need for the D-8 member states to take practical steps aimed at alleviating the suffering of the defenseless people of Gaza, and explore ways to stop Israeli attacks and rebuild Gaza.

He further noted that the root cause of the ongoing crisis is the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands by the Zionist regime and that there would be no sustainable peace without upholding the Palestinians’ rights.

Source: PressTV


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