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Gantz resigned from Israel's war cabinet

A member of the Zionist regime's war cabinet, Benny Gantz, officially announced his resignation from this cabinet and called for early elections.
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Publish Date: 10June 2024 - 09:10

Gantz resigned from Israel's war cabinet

TEHRAN (defapress) - The war council in Israel's emergency cabinet (Sunday) was convened for the first time without the presence of ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, who submitted their resignations.

The media department of the Zionist regime announced by publishing a post on its page on the X platform: "For the first time without Gantz and Eysenkot, the War Council meets tonight".

The leader of the opposition wing of the Zionist regime, Yair Lapid, in turn, asked Gantz to resign from the government and not give it legitimacy.

On the other hand, on Saturday, Netanyahu after announcing the release of 4 Zionist captives from the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip, in a post on the "X", asked to prevent conflicts from being drawn into the internal divide. He wrote: "This time is the time of unity, not the time of division. We must remain united in facing the great tasks that await us".

Last May 18, Gantz gave a timeline to Netanyahu until June 8 to present a clear strategy for the war and its consequences and threatened to leave the cabinet if he did not.

It is worth noting that Gantz and Eysenkot joined Netanyahu's "Cabinet" on October 11, following the start of the war against Gaza, which was called the "Emergency Cabinet" and as a result of this move, the "War Cabinet" was established.

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