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The Zionist regime admitted the painful failure

Israel's minister of military affairs Yoav Gallant has admitted the occupying regime’s "painful failure" and intelligence fiasco on October 7, highlighting the cataclysmic cost of the "difficult Gaza war" for Tel Aviv.
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Publish Date: 19June 2024 - 13:57

TEHRAN (defapress) - Gallant made the remarks at a ceremony on Tuesday, saying the war with the Palestinian resistance movements has cost Israel a lot, particularly in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Zionist regime admitted the painful failure

He noted that Israel has received heavy blows in the ongoing war in Gaza and its casualties are very high.

"This difficult war took the Israeli military by surprise and we paid a heavy price,” Gallant said, adding, “The painful failures will be studied and we will learn from them, and these lessons and experiences will have an effect on our future.”

The Israeli minister also stressed the need to understand how the resistance forces’ defense and combat capabilities were built up over the past decade, which led to the failure of the intelligence and operations that culminated in the latest Gaza war, launched on October 7 last year.

Gallant's remarks came two days after Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, dissolved the six-member war cabinet following the withdrawal of his principal rival, Benny Gantz.

Source: PressTV

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