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Yemen held "Toophan al-Mudammer" military maneuver

Units from the 4th Military Region (MRC) of the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) conducted a large-scale military drill called "Toophan al-Mudammer" (Destructive Flood) in Yemen.
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Publish Date: 07July 2024 - 09:13

TEHRAN (defapress) - The exercise was overseen by the Chief of General Staff, Major General Muhammad Abdul Karim al-Ghamari, the commander of the 4th Military Region, Major General Abdul Latif al-Mahdi, Dhamar Governor Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, along with various military officials and dignitaries. 

Yemen held

The drill incorporated diverse military units from Yemen's Unmanned Air Force, artillery, sniper teams, anti-armor divisions, infantry, armored troops, and combat engineers. 

The operational zone was segmented into offensive and defensive roles, focusing on command, control, and coordination among the various units.

This military maneuver was held in the way of displaying the maintenance of Yemen's independence against the US, Britain, and Israel attacks and also supporting the Gaza resistance. 


Source: IRNA


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