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Iran, Iraq Call For Dialogue As Solution to Regional Dialogue
News ID: 79134   Publish Date: 2019/10/30

Iraq’s Hakim, Iranian Envoy Discuss Protests
News ID: 79118   Publish Date: 2019/10/29

Lebanese Paper Reveals US Plots for Hot Summer in Iraq, Baghdad's Measures to Counter
News ID: 78907   Publish Date: 2019/10/05

Politician Blasts US Lack of Assistance to Iraq in Controlling Borders
News ID: 78589   Publish Date: 2019/09/03

Iraq VP Warns Israel of 'Strong Response' over Attacks on Hashd al-Shaabi
News ID: 78462   Publish Date: 2019/08/24

Mogherini Hails Iraq's Efforts to Ease US-Iran Tensions
News ID: 78067   Publish Date: 2019/07/14

Iranian FM Meets Different Iraqi Parties' Leaders in Baghdad
News ID: 77568   Publish Date: 2019/05/27

Ammar Hakim:
Iraq Ready to Mediate between Iran, US
News ID: 77473   Publish Date: 2019/05/20

Iran’s Boroujerdi, Iraq’s Ammar Hakim Discuss Closer Parliamentary Ties
News ID: 76961   Publish Date: 2019/04/21

Mayor: Tehran Municipality to Help Urban Constructions in Baghdad
News ID: 76954   Publish Date: 2019/04/21

Tehran, Baghdad Vow to Expand Parliamentary Ties
News ID: 76951   Publish Date: 2019/04/21

US Blacklisting of IRGC to Plunge Region into New Crises, Iraq’s Hakim Warns
News ID: 76728   Publish Date: 2019/04/10

Iranian, Iraqi FMs Meet in Tehran, Discuss Ties
News ID: 76652   Publish Date: 2019/04/07

Iran, S. Korea to Increase Academic Cooperation
News ID: 76248   Publish Date: 2019/03/17

Rouhani meets with head of Iraq's National Wisdom Movement
News ID: 76146   Publish Date: 2019/03/12

Iraqi FM hails Rouhani’s upcoming visit to Baghdad as constructive for bilateral ties
News ID: 76105   Publish Date: 2019/03/10

Iran Open to Regional Cooperation, Collective Dialogue
News ID: 76089   Publish Date: 2019/03/10

Iraqi Source:
Hakim Rejects Saudi Invitations to Visit Riyadh Several Times
News ID: 76067   Publish Date: 2019/03/09

Iraq Not Abiding by US Sanctions on Iran: Leading Politician
News ID: 75895   Publish Date: 2019/02/28

Araghchi, Hakim confer on regional developments
News ID: 75846   Publish Date: 2019/02/26

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