Updated in: 20 May 2024 - 13:43
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Lebanon’s Hezbollah hits Israeli regime spy base

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement has carried out a rocket attack against an Israeli regime’s spy base in the northern parts of the occupied Palestinian territories.
News ID: 84502    Publish Date : 2024/02/13

Iran’s Leader Calls for Israel’s Boycott

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei urged the elites of the Muslim world to create a public demand to severe ties with the Zionist regime amid its military onslaught against the Gaza Strip which has so far killed more than 27,000, mainly children and women.
News ID: 84491    Publish Date : 2024/02/13

Escalation to only add to West’s woes in region: Yemen

The spokesman of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement says attacks by the United States and allies on countries in West Asia will only complicate the situation in the region.
News ID: 84489    Publish Date : 2024/02/05

Iraq's Islamic Resistance targets US base in E Syria

Issuing a statement, Iraq's Islamic Resistance announced that it has conducted a drone attack on an illegal base used by the American forces in eastern Syria.
News ID: 84487    Publish Date : 2024/02/05

ran FM congratulates South Africa success in ICJ

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has in a message congratulated South Africa on its diplomatic success in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
News ID: 84473    Publish Date : 2024/01/31

Yemen directly hits UK tanker in support of Gaza

Yemen's Armed Forces report striking a British oil tanker heading towards the occupied territories, in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are enduring a genocidal US and UK-backed Israeli war.
News ID: 84472    Publish Date : 2024/01/31

Israel founded on aggression, discrimination: Spox.

Iran strongly denounces the Israeli regime's "hostile" reaction to the United Nations top court's order for the regime to prevent acts of genocide in the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a brutal Israeli war.
News ID: 84471    Publish Date : 2024/01/31

Yemen Has Database of American Targets: Official

A senior member of Yemen's Ansarullah movement said his country has a ready-made database of various targets that could be used for a “painful” retaliatory response to the American military strikes.
News ID: 84468    Publish Date : 2024/01/15

Israel treatment of Palestinian captives reminiscent of Daesh

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says the way the Israeli regime treated a group of Palestinians it arrested earlier this week in Gaza is reminiscent of the terrorist acts carried out by the Daesh group.
News ID: 84459    Publish Date : 2024/01/15

Iran never involved in any attack against US forces: UN envoy

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iran to the UN, rejected the US baseless accusations against Tehran and said that Iran has never carried out any action against the American military forces in Syria or other places.
News ID: 84443    Publish Date : 2023/12/03

1 Million Israelis Fled Occupied Territories after October 7: IRGC General

TEHRAN(defapress)- The extent of the Zionist regime’s defeat in its military onslaught on Gaza was so great that a total of one million Israelis are estimated to have fled the occupied territories since October 7, a deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said.
News ID: 84440    Publish Date : 2023/11/28

Hamas releases 17 prisoners as Israel frees 39 Palestinians

Israel has released a third batch of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for over a dozen prisoners freed by the Hamas Resistance movement as part of a swap deal, which followed a four-day truce in the regime's unrelenting war.
News ID: 84437    Publish Date : 2023/11/28

Syrian MoD:

Israeli regime targets Syria's Damascus with missiles

The Syrian Defense Ministry announced that the Israeli regime has targeted the country's Damascus International Airport and several other regions with missiles on Sunday.
News ID: 84436    Publish Date : 2023/11/28

IRGC Commander: World Astonished by Palestinians' Prowess

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi underlined that stones were the only weapons of the Palestinians in the past, but today they are equipped with tools and power that have astonished all the powers of the world.
News ID: 84431    Publish Date : 2023/11/28

IRGC dep. coordinator:

Resistance continues till destruction of Israel

The deputy coordinator of IRGC emphasized that, in order to deal with the crimes of the Israelis, the resistance must continue operations until the destruction of the Zionists.
News ID: 84425    Publish Date : 2023/11/15

Israeli Regime’s War Crimes Should Not Go Unpunished: Iranian President

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi condemned the Israeli regime’s brutal killing of innocent people in Gaza, stressing the regime must be held accountable for these war crimes.
News ID: 84407    Publish Date : 2023/11/07