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The "Hope Media Cup" seeks to create hope in the society

Karazmoyan listed the production of good news and creating hope in society as one of the goals of holding the Hope Media Cup and said that to create hope, media people are united.
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Publish Date: 18May 2024 - 13:37

TheTEHRAN (depress) - The head of the Basij Media organization and the "Hope Media Cup", Karzamoyan, stated that last year, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution announced that the media should help create hope in society; based on this, last year our colleagues designed an event called "Media League" which was named "Hope Media Cup" after Persianization.

Karzamoyan explained that this ceremony is a competition between the media people so that they can help to improve the hopeful situation and produce good news in society.

He insisted that producing effective content and good and promising news for society and publishing them on different platforms in different fields are effective.

He explained that holding such an event to be very effective and practical in advancing the lofty goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran and especially the demands of the Supreme Leader; because today the enemy put his strategy to disappoint the people.

Karazmoyan continued that today we are hosting 600 selected people in Tehran and nearly 50 people from international media are accompanying in this event.

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