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Palestinians responded to Israeli truce talks proposal

Just a day after the UN Security Council approved a US-sponsored draft resolution on the Gaza ceasefire, Palestinian resistance movements, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have delivered to Qatar their response to the proposed negotiation with the Zionist regime on the Gaza ceasefire.
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Publish Date: 12June 2024 - 13:59

TEHRAN (defapress) – One of the Arabic media networks informed sources announced that Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Political Bureau Chief, and Ziyad al-Nakhalah, Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, delivered the response to the Zionist regime’s proposals to Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar on Tuesday night.

Palestinians responded to Israeli truce talks proposal

They delivered their response to the proposed plan for negotiation, cessation of conflict, and exchange of prisoners to the authorities of Qatar as one of the mediating countries, the Arabic media reported but cited informed sources as saying that amendments have been made to the proposed plan and that this should also include a ceasefire in Gaza.

In the statement, Hamas and Islamic Jihad stated that in the interests of the Palestinian people, the necessity of a complete cessation of the war and the complete withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Gaza Strip has been prioritized.

It adds that the Palestinian delegation, relying on a sense of national responsibility, declares its readiness for positive interaction to reach an agreement that will lead to the end of this war.

Also, Cairo and Doha, in a statement, emphasized that they will continue to make joint mediation efforts with the United States until an agreement is reached.

The statement said that the mediating countries will review the response and coordinate with the relevant parties regarding future steps and actions.

The Palestinian response followed the UNSC resolution regarding the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip that was passed without any opposition or veto on Monday local time (June 10).

In this 7-point resolution, it is stated that it reminds all relevant resolutions regarding the situation in the Middle East, including the issue of Palestine, and emphasizes the importance of the continuous diplomatic efforts by Egypt, Qatar, and the United States to achieve a comprehensive ceasefire in three stages.

Meanwhile, the Zionist regime reportedly began a blame game over negotiations between the warring sides to implement peace proposals.

The Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot wrote on Tuesday night quoting an official that “the Palestinian Hamas movement, in its response, has rejected US President Joe Biden's plan for negotiations.”

"We received the response of the Hamas movement, and in it, the group has rejected Biden's plan," the Palestinian Samaa news agency reported citing the same Zionist newspaper.

The report did not reveal the identity of the official who did comment on the report which comes hours after the foreign ministries of Egypt and Qatar said they have received the response of Hamas and Palestinian groups to the proposed Israeli plan for negotiations, cessation of hostilities, exchange of prisoners and captives.

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