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Israel bit his allied hand

Galant called the French initiative act to decrease the tensions in the Lebanon border as a hostile policy against Israel.
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Publish Date: 15June 2024 - 15:33

TEHRAN (defapress) – Gallant said on Friday that Israel would not take part in a French-proposed trilateral group with the United States and France and he slammed Paris’s position on the war on Gaza.

Israel bit his allied hand

Galant criticized the suggestion of joining the Zionist regime in a trilateral group and called France's policies against the Israelis. It happened while France is one of the important European allies of Israel.

This type of entrenchment against France and the USA is a sign of deepening the conflict between Israel's policies and their ally's proposals. Although France and the USA played a critical role in supporting the Occupier regime during the "True Promise operation" and Israel owed them a lot in 74 years of coalition between Israel and France, biting their hands, can be defined as the confusion of Zionists in distinguishing friend and enemy and the world's frustration of Israel's unfinished violence.

In the time that Israel lost its path and just stood on the wrong side of history, by blinding the glimmers of hope to reduce tension in the region, acted like a destruction machine, and while rejecting the ceasefire proposal of the USA for Gaza, planned to invade south Lebanon, despite the France de-escalation suggestion. 

This speech came after Netanyahu drew in the flood of dissatisfaction from Israeli settlers and more than before needed foreign support. But the words of Galant can display the deep internal differentiation in the Netanyahu cabinet which tried to lose the ally's support by impinging on their suggestions.

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